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Costume Camping

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I just heard this phrase for the first time today.
Never knew this was a thing

Anyone here know about this hobby?
Should we have a cross thread with one of the costume boards to explore this exciting new pastime ?
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How do you fix a blow-up sleeping pad? Is duct tape enough?
I'm worried it'll break on my 2 week trip since it's quite a cheap one (pic related).
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Prove me wrong

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San Francisco has the best balance between city and outdoor.
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I'm so fucking lonely and lack a lot of hiking knowledge to go explore into the woods by myself. Would it be a good idea to look for hiking groups online and set up meet ups so I can meet hiking partners in the hopes that I'll gain enough knowledge through them to be able to venture into the woods by myself? I don't know what else to do, winter is almost here and I haven't hiked at all, my plan was to get used to hiking this summer and start taking mountaineering courses in the winter, and tackle a couple peaks before next summer, but at this rate I'm stuck. How safe would it be to do it? Will I just get raped and murdered by some stranger in the woods?
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Is there any other region of the world that offers the same foggy, wet, green scenery as Pacific northwest? Patagonia, Norway, Russia perhaps?
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/out/ manga

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Any good manga recommendations that are /out/? Can be fantasy like the last couple below.

I can already think of:
Yuru Camp
Futari Solo Camp
Girls Last Tour
Kokou no Hito
Silver Spoon
Yurusaba (need more of this translated -_-)
Heterogenia Linguistico
Delicious in Dungeon

>inb4 ask /a/
I did, and the trannies deleted my post & gave me a warning for some reason?
>inb4 why are you reading manga instead of going /out/?
I have a job
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Who /sail/ here? Learned on a J/24 this summer and have been enjoying myself ever since. Going to spend a few years getting ready for a Pacific crossing.
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What Hiking/Camping Clothes Do You Guys Wear And In What Setting?

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What brand and what type of clothing do you guys wear for hiking and camping in your own areas? What brands have you had good luck with and which brands are known for terrible quality. Is it better to buy the cheaper stuff that way you're not worried about getting it scuffed or dirty? What do you guys wear, shirts, jackets, hats, pants, boots, shoes, and where do you hike?
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Hi. I do independent contract work in the pacific northwest. Winter is coming up, and I save a lot of money by using my bike instead of my car for most of my jobs.
I'm no stranger to cycling in the cold and wet. But last winter I used this big heavy bulky high-vis jacket and some waterproof+windproof pant covers over my outfit. It worked well enough but I want to really upgrade this winter. I had a hard time with commutes over an hour. Sometimes it was wet, but not cold, and I'd sweat, which also sucked.

So I'm seeking suggestions, I would love a nice upper body cover that was lightweight enough to not slow me down too much (I know, rolling resistance is more important than weight) but not so light that it doesn't last a long time. Pockets are a must, windproof+rainproof+breathability are a must, huge bonus if it fits in a backpack but not a necessity.

Also, gloves. I had a hard time with gloves, I'd find a pair I thought was good but in the end they'd soak up water after an hour. Or gloves I couldn't do things with, like operate a zipper or something.
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Desert /out/ings

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Why haven't you gone /out/ innadesert yet?
What, are you scared of a little heat anon?
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