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what are the chances....

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What are the chances this chinese piece of shit is worth the money? I was thinking of trying it out with some of picrel sewn to the bottom for insulation. thoughts?

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Thoughts on barefoot hiking shoes?
I'm trying to unfuck my flat feet...
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Fuckups while /out/

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What was the dumbest thing you did or the worst series of decisions you made while /out/? Any cool scars?

Recent one:
>be me, exactly 12 hours ago
>hot tenting in the mountains
>with an ax
>during a thunderstorm
>drop acid
>story ends as expected
>unable to process pain, but the red juice coming from my hand and visible bone tells me that this has escaped my wherewithal to deal with by myself.
>pull up all my shit in a bundle, haul ass off the mountain to car
>pile shit into car, drive 13 miles to nearest store with a landline
>fog rolls in: suddenly ghosts
>walk into local dollar store with a bleeding axe wound
>chuck car keys into woods
>won't go further, can't go back
>"please direct the nearest emergency services in my general direction for I have taken leave of myself"
>state police ask how I got there without driving: "Iunno"
>wind up in a hospital 30 miles away
>Relive the entire life's story of the old lady dying in the bed next to me
>Only six stitches, two hairs' breadth from cutting into ligament. No serious damage.
>peep on over to the next bed:
>nobody there.
>there was never anybody there
>fuckin ghosts
>cool off in a local 2-star motel overnight. Hitchhike back in the morning
>lady who was working the register over 12 hours ago is still there
>yells at me for throwing away my trash.
>next time I'm gonna get blood on her floor.

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Tell me about chickens.

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My neighbor has chickens and roosters, they kinda wander around free allot.. today they came visited me while I had my morning coffee in my backyard. How do befriend these chickens? They came within 3 feet of I have any chance of petting a chicken? Or calling it over like a dog?
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Find a picture of this lake (Morraine Lake in Alberta) that doesn't look like this. Surely not every photo of a particular lake ever taken can be doctored, right? I'll be waiting patiently.
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>Friend gave me some olives from his tree
>Wanna germinate them for funnies
>Have to be stratified for 30 days at 14C to break dormancy

How the fuck am I supposed to keep them at 14C for 30 days
Do niggas buy a special mini fridge to stratify seeds at this retarded temp??
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Fall Foraging Thread

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You do have a pawpaw patch to pick from, don't you anon? If not, you're missing out.
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how many private property violations have you committed while wild camping?
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illegal camping

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what are the consequences if you get caught camping illegally in a state park?
>homeless people do it, why can't i?
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Stoves and cooking

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