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Is trainhopping based? I want to hear stories of all the shit that can go wrong but I also kinda like the idea.

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What sleeping bag do you have or what sleeping bag or you looking to get? Sleeping bag thread
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Previous thread >>2369423 hit its post limit, but good conversations were still happening so I figured to make a threequel.
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How comfortable are boots for /out/? Is the extra weight worth the added protection? Due to a recent experience I'm about to drop the trail runner pill.
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/hgm/ Homegrownmen Thread #348

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Summer Message from Big Man Tyrone [Open]
HGM Welcome Message from Big Man Tyrone [Open]

USDA Hardiness Zone Map:


Koppen Climate Map:

Search terms:
Agrarian, Agriculture, Agrology, Agronomy, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Berkeley Method Hot Composting, Cold Frames, Companion Planting, Composting, Container Gardening, Core Gardening Method, Cultivation, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Dry Farming, Espalier, Farmer's Market, Forest Gardening, Forestry, Fungiculture, Geoponics, Greenhouses, Homesteading, Horticulture, Hot Boxes, Hugelkultur, Humanure, Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System, Hydroponics, Keyhole Garden, Korean Natural Farming, Kratky Method, Landscaping, Lasagna Gardening, Ley Farming, Market Garden, Mulching, No-till Method, Ollas Irrigation, Orchard, Permaculture, Polyculture, Polytunnels, Propagation, Rain Gutter Garden, Raised Beds, Ranch, Rooftop Gardening, Ruth Stout Garden, Sharecropping, City Slicker Composting, Shifting Cultivation, Soil-bag Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Stale Seed Bed, Straw Bale Gardening, Subsistence Agriculture, Sugar Bush, Truck Farming, Vermiculture, Vertical Gardening, Window Frame Garden, Windrow Composting, Alpaca, Animal Husbandry, Antelope, Beefalo, Black Soldier Fly (BSF), Brushturkey, Cattle, Cavy, Chickens, Coypu, Crayfish, Curassow, Dairy, Deer, Donkey, Dove, Duck, Emu, Feeder Insect, Fish, Game Bird, Geese, Giant Guinea Pig (Cuy), Goat, Grouse, Guan, Guineafowl, Hedgehog, Heliciculture, Honey Bee, Iguanas, Llama, Ostrich, Partridge, Pheasant, Pigeon, Pig, Poultry, Quail/Bobwhite, Rabbits, Sheep, Silkworm, Snail, Toad, Trumpeter, Turkey, Worm

Previous Thread: >>2403751
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/out/ Knife General

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Here's the new knife containment thread since the old one croaked. How about a theme this time? Post your best budget /out/ knives
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New Altra Shoes

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So despite the horrible colors are these new Altra shoes any good?

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There are several patches of white clover spreading in my yard. Should I let them spread, or does it look trashy? And will it fuck up my soil? A boomer forum says it causes erosion.
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/out/s favorite gravel backroads in the country?

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I’d like to see some gravel backroads thru the woods & the country.

This one I drove on a while back dead ended at a washed out metal bridge over a creek. Also had a very neat old cemetery along it. I know it’s not hiking trails but I think they are still deserving of some appreciation.

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If I'm stupid enough to consider solo caving does that mean I deserve to die? Also, how do you feel about caving in general?
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