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/qtddtot/ - Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

Didn't see one, so I'll make one.
I have an inflatable pad and a foam pad. Would it make any difference warmth-wise if I put the inflatable pad inside the sleeping bag and then sleep like that on the foam pad? Compared to having both of them outside of the sleeping bag.
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Winter Camping

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What's the best way to get started? I'm trying to think of the best ways to stay warm overnight without having to break the bank.
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Planning a trip next spring/summer to go camping in alaska for 3 months, issue is my cat would be devastated if I left him with my family for that long, if I made a semi-permanent camp would he be able to keep his bearings and wander around till I get ready to leave or will I have to keep a leash on him all the time. I have gottem him to follow me on a 45 minute hike in the woods near my house which he was only familiar with a small amount of but other times he will just randomly fuck off, but maybe if I spend all winter training him he would hopefully not run off Also just general advice for the trip, really I just wanna chill somewhere really isolated for a few months to decompress and I can't afford to rent a cabin for that long.
Pic unrelated
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Its been awhile.
Ill keep posting as long as their is interest
Also will answer some questions.
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guys what is this

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encountered in the woods, wat do?
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what's in your bag, anon? i picked up an alice yesterday for $15 and i wanna fill her up.
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What are the pros and cons of cutting one of these down to torso length?
I usually never get cold in my legs and I use a sweater as my pillow anyways, so shortening it would be a good way to save space and weight.
You could also use your clothes from the day to put your feet up so that your legs aren't on the ground.
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Best /out/ youtubers?

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I like 123homefree and forest anon
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What does /out/ listen to on their speakers while hiking?
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Any updates? What do you think happened to his wife?

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