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Meta announces US military has weaponized it's platform

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Meta announces US military has weaponized it's platform to push world wide fake propaganda targeting Russia and china
Meta confirms US military tied to fake social media accounts in influence campaign
A network of fake accounts across Facebook and Instagram that were promoting a pro-U.S. narrative was tied to individuals associated with the U.S. military, parent company Meta said Tuesday.

The social media giant removed dozens of phony accounts along with relevant pages and groups that impersonated their targeted communities and spread contents that depicted the U.S. in a favorable light in the Middle East and Central Asia, the company said in its quarterly adversarial threat report.

Meta said that the people behind the operation “attempted to conceal their identities and coordination,” but the company still “found links to individuals associated with the U.S. military.”

On Wednesday, a Pentagon spokesperson told SC Media that the department is aware of Meta’s report but did not comment or suggest potential actions as a result.

The Washington Post reported in September that the Pentagon ordered an audit of clandestine information warfare when the operation was first disclosed in August in a joint investigation by Stanford Internet Observatory and social media intelligence company Graphika, with whom Meta shared detailed information about the network. According to the Post, U.S. Central Command, which oversees U.S. military operations in the Middle East, is among the entities under the Pentagon’s scrutiny.