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Boy gets 72nd place in track. Calls himself a girl and gets 1st place against girls.

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Transgender female cross-country runner dominating new competition after struggling against boys

After finishing in 72nd place in a boys race last year, she won the race this year

A year after finishing in 72nd place as a freshman in a boys cross-country race, the now-sophomore transgender female is dominating her new competition.

The Seattle Academy student, a 5,000-meter runner, has two victories, including one in a conference championship, and three top-two finishes in eight races this season, having not finished worse than 22nd place. As an identified male, the student never finished ahead of 25th place.

On Nov. 5, she ran in the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) 1A State Finals in Washington, finishing her race in 18th place with a time of 20:31.3. Had the sophomore competed in the boys division, her time would have given her a 145th-place finish.

In last year's Emerald South Conference Championships, the student, then a male, finished in 72nd place in the boys division with a 20:40.6 time. This year, now competing as a girl, she finished in first place with a time of 19:14.5, a school record.

Last year, the runner finished in 134th place at the 14th annual Twilight XC Invitational at 19:46.50. This year, she came in 12th place, finishing just 2.6 seconds faster.