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DeSantis gets cold feet about committing another felony, so he commits a different crime instead

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A second group of Texas migrants have been left scrambling to find resources after allegedly being offered transportation by the Florida government. In what was set to be a repeat of last week’s potentially illegal stunt that left 50 migrants stranded in Martha’s Vineyard, asylum seekers who were told they would be flown to Delaware were held for days in a San Antonio motel before being told their flight was ultimately canceled, the Miami Herald reported on Wednesday.

Despite Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ office claiming the media fell for “disinformation” regarding the flight’s existence, preparations for it were well under way before a last minute cancellation once again left migrants in dire straits, according to the Herald.

Migrants abandoned at la La Quinta motel near downtown San Antonio describe similar experiences to that of the migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard by DeSantis, namely in that they were approached outside the San Antonio Migrants Resource Center, where staff has urged caution about offers of transportation and jobs, by an unidentified women offering them spots on free flights and promising more resources and support in other communities.

The migrants who accepted the flights were reportedly held in the motel for several days while organizers recruited more passengers, and experience that echoes that of those take to Martha’s Vineyard. They were told the night before the scheduled flight that they were being sent to Delaware, until a last minute notice was given that the flight would not be taking place. In accepting the proposition from DeSantis’ operatives, many migrants had given up their place at the Migrant Resource Center, where shelter stays are limited to three days, and were now effectively homeless.