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Russia Desperately Tries to Sell Its Failing Ukraine War Draft as Citizens Flee

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The Kremlin’s talking heads tried to remain upbeat about calling up citizens to fight amid reports that men were being sent to the front after only one day of military training.

Russia’s recently announced “partial mobilization” of men for the Ukraine war brought turmoil to the home front, where everyday citizens were suddenly greeted by a conflict many perceived as another country’s problem. Hundreds have been detained in anti-mobilization protests across the country, including Dagestan and the Sakha Republic, which are among the regions that have been heavily targeted for mass recruitment.

Most state TV programs are promoting the idea that the mobilization is a necessary measure, unconvincingly claiming that it’s welcomed by the Russians at large. However, cracks are forming just beneath the surface, since even the most enthusiastic pro-Kremlin cheerleaders are unwittingly revealing too much to the alarmed Russian population.

On Thursday, one day after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the partial mobilization, Colonel Rustem Klupov, a retired military intelligence agent, appeared on the show Full Contact, hosted by Russia’s top propagandist Vladimir Solovyov. The host immediately asked Klupov whether he was ready for the mobilization and he enthusiastically confirmed: “Yes, I took out my uniform and ironed it, got it all squared away, got my rapid deployment knapsack ready and bought two cans of Spam.”

While his Colonels were buying Spam, Putin reportedly went off to rest up at his secret palace near Gelendzhik—providing yet another reminder about Russia’s resources being siphoned off by its leadership, which might explain why the country’s military is experiencing a lack of equipment and supplies during the Kremlin’s war of imperial conquest against the neighboring nation.
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Britain’s lurch toward ‘Reaganomics’ gets a thumbs down from the markets

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LONDON — New U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss may have talked big on “trickle-down economics” during her campaign trail this summer, but no-one could have predicted the swathe of tax cuts unleashed just weeks into her Downing Street tenure.

Billed as a “mini-budget” by her Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng, Friday’s fiscal announcement was anything but with a volume of tax cuts not seen in Britain since 1972.

Truss — whose “Trussonomics” policy stance has been likened to that of her political idols Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher — has now put the country on an economic road completely at odds with most, if not all, major global economies as inflation boils over and a cost-of-living crisis barrels into Europe.

It’s been seen, even by some of her advocates, as a political and economic gamble with Truss yet to face the wider British electorate in a nationwide vote — unlike her predecessor Boris Johnson.

Market players immediately predicted that Britain would have to scale up its bond issuance and significantly increase its debt load to pay for the cuts — not typical of the low-tax Conservative governments of the past.
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DeSantis gets cold feet about committing another felony, so he commits a different crime instead

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A second group of Texas migrants have been left scrambling to find resources after allegedly being offered transportation by the Florida government. In what was set to be a repeat of last week’s potentially illegal stunt that left 50 migrants stranded in Martha’s Vineyard, asylum seekers who were told they would be flown to Delaware were held for days in a San Antonio motel before being told their flight was ultimately canceled, the Miami Herald reported on Wednesday.

Despite Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ office claiming the media fell for “disinformation” regarding the flight’s existence, preparations for it were well under way before a last minute cancellation once again left migrants in dire straits, according to the Herald.

Migrants abandoned at la La Quinta motel near downtown San Antonio describe similar experiences to that of the migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard by DeSantis, namely in that they were approached outside the San Antonio Migrants Resource Center, where staff has urged caution about offers of transportation and jobs, by an unidentified women offering them spots on free flights and promising more resources and support in other communities.

The migrants who accepted the flights were reportedly held in the motel for several days while organizers recruited more passengers, and experience that echoes that of those take to Martha’s Vineyard. They were told the night before the scheduled flight that they were being sent to Delaware, until a last minute notice was given that the flight would not be taking place. In accepting the proposition from DeSantis’ operatives, many migrants had given up their place at the Migrant Resource Center, where shelter stays are limited to three days, and were now effectively homeless.
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China raising a bunch of retarded brats

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Cop with ‘Kardashian’ butt has people begging to be arrested after viral video

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Baby got back-up.

A French policewoman who collared the infamous “mutilator dentist” has Twitter in a tizzy over her “Kim Kardashian” derriere — with some begging her to handcuff them instead. A now-viral video of the voluptuous officer boasts 1.7 million views on Twitter.

The bootylicious cop went viral amid the ongoing court case involving multimillionaire dentist Lionel Guedj, who was arrested and jailed after mutilating hundreds of patients’ mouths under the guise of giving them “celebrity smiles.” She was specifically seen in media photos and videos escorting the 42-year-old huckster and his father Garnot into court in Marseille, France.

And while dental-defacing swindler Guedj was the focus of the story, it was the unidentified officer’s ample assets that captured the internet’s attention.

“Someone please give me the name of this district, I need to be arrested,” quipped one lecherous Twitter wit alongside a pic of the officer’s plus-sized posterior.
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Cuba loses all electricity after Hurricane Ian knocks out power grid

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PBS NewsHour

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Cubans face Hurricane Ian in Pinar del Rio, Cuba
By —

Andrea Rodriguez, Associated Press
Cuba loses all electricity after Hurricane Ian knocks out power grid
World Sep 27, 2022 10:12 PM EDT

HAVANA (AP) — Hurricane Ian knocked out power across all of Cuba and devastated some of the country’s most important tobacco farms Tuesday when it slammed into the island’s western tip as a major hurricane.

Cuba’s Electric Union said in a statement that work is being done to gradually restore service to the country’s 11 million people between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Power was initially knocked out in Cuba’s western provinces, but subsequently the entire grid collapsed.


Murder Pigs looking for new Boss to Cover for them.

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Aurora Police Department, worse police department in America, looking for new chief after they have had trouble finding a boss to answer for all the murders and assault they commit on the regular. Including last year when they slammed an 80 year old white lady with dementia on the cement and broke her arm and shoulder. Pigs will be pigs.

Ted Cruz admits trafficking migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is illegal in Sean Hannity interview

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Ted Cruz was forced to admit by Sean Hannity that the transportation of undocumented migrants from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard by Ron DeSantis was likely illegal.

The Florida governor has been widely criticised for flying two planeloads of Venezuelans to the upscale island, where Barack Obama has a $12m home, as part of a Republican immigration publicity stunt.

Mr Cruz, a US Senator from Texas, cast doubt on the legality of the move when he appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

Hannity asked the Canadian-born lawmaker whether he would likely face arrest if he had personally taken a truck, collected immigrants from the border, and driven them across the country.

“For you, a citizen, you could easily be arrested, although to be honest Joe Biden’s Justice Department wouldn’t arrest you,” replied Mr Cruz, who is a lawyer.

Hannity, a long-time public critic of the president, pretended to take offence at that claim.

“Oh no, I’m a conservative, I disagree, they would arrest me, if I was a liberal I would get away with it,” he said.

“Well, that’s true,” admitted Mr Cruz.

Hannity then asked him if the law was clear on human trafficking, to which Mr Cruz uncomfortably admitted, “It is clear.”

He then farted and tried to turn his attention back to the White House.

“Right now the biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet is Joseph Robinette Bidden Jr," lied Cruz.

The group of migrants sent by Mr DeSantis to the Massachusetts island has now been transported to a large shelter operation supported by state agencies in Cape Cod.

Following two nights on the island, agencies are now “coordinating efforts among state and local officials to ensure access to food, shelter and essential services for these men, women, and children,” according to Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s office.
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Large circle object is focused on two things that seem like they connect

Small circle object is focused on something looking forward at Didymos
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