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Special Master to Trump's Lawyers: you may be mentally retarded

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>NEW YORK — The senior federal judge tasked with reviewing the materials seized by the FBI from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate sharply questioned the former president’s attorneys Tuesday during their first hearing before his courtroom.

>Judge Raymond Dearie pushed Trump’s lawyers repeatedly for refusing to back up the former president’s claim that he declassified the highly sensitive national security-related records discovered in his residence.

>“You can’t have your cake and eat it,” said Dearie, the “special master” picked by U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon to vet Trump’s effort to reclaim the materials taken by federal investigators.

>Trump has argued that the 11,000 documents taken from Mar-a-Lago were rightfully in his possession, including about 100 bearing classification markings that suggest they contain some of the nation’s most closely guarded intelligence.

>But Dearie bristled at the effort by Trump’s lawyers to resist his request for proof that Trump actually attempted to declassify any of the 100 documents that the Justice Department recovered from his estate. Without evidence from Trump, Dearie said his only basis to judge the classification level of the records was the fact that they all bear markings designating them as highly sensitive national security secrets — including some that indicate they contain intelligence derived from human sources and foreign intercepts.

>The early tension between Dearie and Trump’s legal team was an ominous sign for the former president, who demanded the special master review the documents taken from Mar-a-Lago and who proposed Dearie — a 1986 appointee of Ronald Reagan — to perform the task. Prosecutors had offered two other names, but acceded to Trump’s choice of Dearie.
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Cuba loses all electricity after Hurricane Ian knocks out power grid

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HAVANA (AP) — Hurricane Ian knocked out power across all of Cuba and devastated some of the country’s most important tobacco farms Tuesday when it slammed into the island’s western tip as a major hurricane.

Cuba’s Electric Union said in a statement that work is being done to gradually restore service to the country’s 11 million people between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Power was initially knocked out in Cuba’s western provinces, but subsequently the entire grid collapsed.


Right-wing individuals are more likely to fall for political bullshit, according to new research

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Politically conservative individuals tend to be slightly more receptive to political bullshit, according to new research that examined participants from three different countries. The study, which examined “statements of political content that intend to persuade voters, but are so vague and broad that they are essentially meaningless,” has been published in the Journal of Social and Political Psychology.

Vukasin Gligoric, the corresponding author of the study and a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, said he was motivated to investigate the topic of political bullshit for two primary reasons.

“One is that I’ve been interested in politics and political psychology for quite some time,” he explained. “Secondly, I was inspired by Gordon Pennycook and colleagues’ very related work on pseudo-profound bullshit (sentences that sound deep because they use complex words, but are actually meaningless). Specifically, it was one paper that investigated whether neoliberals are more receptive to pseudo-profound bullshit. In the discussion, they give a possible example of bullshit in politics, where politicians could say something like ‘I believe in America!’ Then I realized – oh my God, there is a lot going on here.”

Given how often politicians use grandiose phrases that lack any real meaning, Gligoric was surprised to find that there was little research on it. “For me, the discrepancy between how prevalent the phenomenon is and the lack of investigation of the topic is staggering,” he said.

The new findings are based on research conducted with 179 U.S. participants, 185 Serbian participants, and 170 Dutch participants.
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Republican Voter Fraud

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A Republican elections official in an upstate New York county is accused of illegally using personal identifying information of voters to apply for absentee ballots that are alleged to have been used in 2021 elections, the Department of Justice said Tuesday.

Jason Schofield, the Republican Board of Elections commissioner of Rensselaer County, was arraigned Tuesday on an indictment charging him with unlawfully using the names and dates of birth of voters to fraudulently apply for absentee ballots for 2021 elections in his county, prosecutors said in a news release.

Schofield, 42, is alleged to have illegally used the voter information in connection with absentee ballot applications submitted to the state board of elections website, according to the US attorneys for the Northern District of New York.

He faces 420 counts of unlawful possession and use of a means of identification, per the indictment. If found guilty, he could face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, the DOJ said in a statement.

Danielle Neroni, an attorney for Schofield, said he “continues to maintain his innocence.” CNN has reached out to the Rensselaer County Board of Elections for comment.

According to the indictment, from May through October 2021, Schofield applied for absentee ballots in the names of people who either had no interest in voting, did not request ballots or his assistance, and did not know he was using their personal information.

In a few instances, he personally brought the ballots and instructed them to sign the envelopes without asking the individuals to complete the ballots themselves, the indictment said.

These ballots were cast in either the 2021 primary election, the 2020 general election or both, the indictment said.

Schofield appeared for arraignment Tuesday and was released on his own recognizance pending trial scheduling.

Intel Core i9-13900K is now the fastest CPU in PassMark single-thread ranking

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Intelhad officially confirmed the i9-13900K processor last week when the product page went live ahead of announcement. This slip of tongue from Intel confirmed that the CPU has 24 cores, and it will boost up to 5.4 GHz with its boost technology. As we know, this SKU will obviously boost much higher (up to 5.8 GHz) thanks to Thermal Velocity Boost technology that is exclusively available with Core i9 series.

This huge frequency increase for 13th Gen Core series is already proving itself in leaked benchmarks. One such benchmarks is PassMark, which is now listing i9-13900K data based on four test samples. The CPU scored 4833 points which is 9.5% higher than the fastest Alder Lake CPU.
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Russians Return to Streets to Protest War Monger Putin's Expanding his Losing War in Ukraine

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After Putin announced mandatory military service, demonstrators called the mobilization a “burialization” — and more than 1,000 were arrested in cities across Russia.

More than 1,000 antiwar protesters were arrested in Russia on Wednesday, following President Vladimir Putin’s decision to force up to 300,000 reservists back into military service as his war on Ukraine falters.

In a recorded address, Putin described the move as a “partial mobilization” of Russian citizens with some prior military training, but, as the Russian exile news site Meduza reported, a new law enacted this week appears to give the president the right to call for a wider, general mobilization. Most Russian men of military age are legally considered reservists following a mandatory year of military service in their youth.

Michael Kofman, an expert on the Russian armed forces, observed that Putin’s order, which also indefinitely extends the contracts of soldiers who volunteered to fight in Ukraine, “might help Moscow stem the deteriorating quantity of the force, but not the deteriorating quality of the force [and] its morale.”

At least 1,386 protesters were arrested at demonstrations across the country, according to OVD-Info, a human rights group that monitors political persecution in Russia.

There were more than 500 arrests in both St. Petersburg and Moscow, where protesters chanted “No to war,” “Send Putin to the trenches,” and “Russia without Putin.”

Some protesters also used a play on words to refer to the mobilization — known in Russian as “mobilizatsiya” — as “mogilizatsiya,” an invented word that means something close to “burialization.”

Although the arrests were not featured on tightly controlled state television news broadcasts, video of protesters being dragged away by the police quickly filled Russian social media channels.
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Hurricane Ian Directive of onto State of national Florida

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State of Florida FEMA Aselette Directive of Hurricane:

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Poorly run US companies fear being exposed

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Inflation creates the illusion that a stock that hasn't done anything is gaining value.
For badly run companies that are losing actual value hyperinflation can hide losses and even make the company look profitable.
So with the election coming up and dems trying to hide the damage they've done to the dollar by temporarily propping the dollar up with some tricks this leaves poorly run companies exposed in a way that even low IQ people can see.
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Democrat convicted of 28 felony counts of election fraud

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Stamford Democratic Chief Found Guilty of 28 Felonies in Ballot Fraud Case
STAMFORD – A state Superior Court judge Monday found the city’s former Democratic Party chief guilty of all 28 Class D felonies he faced in a ballot fraud case.

But the long-delayed case, in which John Mallozzi is charged with forging absentee ballots in the 2015 municipal election, is far from over.

Mallozzi will appeal after he is sentenced Nov. 14, said Stephan Seeger, his attorney.

Seeger said he has significant questions about the fairness of the trial after witnesses he wished to challenge did not have to testify, and the handwriting expert at the heart of the prosecutor’s case reached conflicting conclusions.

“The twists and turns in this case are shocking,” Seeger said.

In a move prompted by news of a reported FBI investigation into the town clerk’s office, Judge Kevin Randolph informed the defendant's criminal accomplices that they could incriminate themselves by testifying. As a result, only one of Seeger’s witnesses appeared on the stand.
Mallozzi chose a court trial rather than a jury trial, so it was Randolph’s job to render a verdict.

One line in the judge’s decision seems to summarize his thinking on the case.

“By the defendant’s hand alone, 26 people could have had their civil right to vote extinguished,” Randolph said, reading his verdict into the record.

According to the trial record, 26 fraudulent absentee ballots were submitted to the town clerk’s office in a “scheme” involving Mallozzi and former Republican Town Clerk Donna Loglisci. The state, however, raised instances involving 14 voters, charging Mallozzi with 14 counts each of 2nd-degree forgery and false statement in absentee balloting.

Mallozzi, 72, could be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison, or a fine that could total $140,000, or both.
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