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Britain's Queen Elizabeth is dead - Buckingham Palace

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>Queen Elizabeth II, the UK's longest-serving monarch, has died at Balmoral aged 96, after reigning for 70 years.
Her family gathered at her Scottish estate after concerns grew about her health earlier on Thursday.
The Queen came to the throne in 1952 and witnessed enormous social change.
With her death, her eldest son Charles, the former Prince of Wales, will lead the country in mourning as the new King and head of state for 14 Commonwealth realms.
In a statement, Buckingham Palace said: "The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.
"The King and the Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow."
All the Queen's children travelled to Balmoral, near Aberdeen, after doctors placed the Queen under medical supervision.
Her grandson, Prince William, is also there, with his brother, Prince Harry, on his way.
Queen Elizabeth II's tenure as head of state spanned post-war austerity, the transition from empire to Commonwealth, the end of the Cold War and the UK's entry into - and withdrawal from - the European Union.
Her reign spanned 15 prime ministers starting with Winston Churchill, born in 1874, and including Liz Truss, born 101 years later in 1975, and appointed by the Queen earlier this week.
She held weekly audiences with her prime minister throughout her reign.
The Queen was born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, in Mayfair, London, on 21 April 1926.
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Kamala claims border is secure

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Kamala claims the border is secure as the second busload of migrants arrive at her home
Second bus with migrants arrives outside Kamala Harris’ residence
Tulsi Gabbard rips Kamala Harris for 'blatantly lying' after saying 'border is secure'
A second bus of migrants sent from Texas arrived outside the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday, continuing Gov. Greg Abbott’s policy of sending migrants from his state to target the Biden administration over its immigration policies.

The bus arrived before daylight outside the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.; a video shared by an NBC News journalist showed migrants wearing masks and carrying pillows walking off the bus and into a city that has declared a public health emergency due to the influx of migrants. A spokesperson for Abbott confirmed that the bus came from Texas.

On Friday, Abbott’s office said it had sent 8,000 migrants to the nation’s capital since announcing his busing policy in the spring. The state has also sent 2,500 migrants to New York City and 600 to Chicago. Abbott began targeting the vice president’s residence this week after she appeared on the NBC news show “Meet the Press” and said the border was secure, stoking conservative anger.

“The Biden-Harris Administration continues ignoring and denying the historic crisis at our southern border, which has endangered and overwhelmed Texas communities for almost two years,” Abbott said this week. “Our supposed Border Czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, has yet to even visit the border to see firsthand the impact of the open border policies she has helped implement, even going so far as to claim the border is ‘secure.’”
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Martha’s Vineyard local calls on Obamas to open their $12M home to migrants

Longtime Martha’s Vineyard residents hailed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ move to relocate migrants to the vacation island as a way of highlighting President Biden’s border crisis — with one suggesting Friday that ex-President Barack Obama’s $12 million estate should have been used as a processing center.

The idyllic enclave off the coast of Massachusetts was plunged into chaos and the local tourist board declared a “humanitarian crisis’’ Thursday after just 50 Venezuelan migrants landed there.

Resident Elizabeth Osborn Bostrom told The Post that she “stayed out of town most of the day “to avoid the commotion.

“People here leave their doors open. It’s safe and there’s no real crime, usually,” she said.

“I’m not upset they came here, but I’m a little wary. I have my doors locked.”
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Trump under fire for QAnon display at Ohio rally: ‘He has gone completely insane’

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‘Trump has always been mentally ill, but this is a whole new level’

Donald Trump has come under fire for his descent into the QAnon conspiracy theory movement during his Youngstown, Ohio rally in support of Republican Senate candidate JD Vance.

“This is the week when Trump became Qanon. This isn’t a political statement; it just is, however disturbing. Week began with images of Trump on Truth Social wearing a Q pin and promoting their slogans; it ends with Q music and the Q ‘one’ sign by crowd at his rally,” CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem tweeted on Saturday.

Author Kurt Eichenwald added that “this week, Trump posted QAnon memes, played QAnon theme music at his rally, and stood by as the crowd raises their fingers in the QAnon salute. This is the GOP’s supposed leader. Every Republican needs to be asked about it - and don’t let them walk away. ‘Do you support QAnon?’”

“He has gone full QAnon, and that cult knows it. Trump has always been mentally ill, but this is a whole new level. He has gone completely insane,” he tweeted.

The author went on to lay out a lot of the bizarre theories within the movement.

“With Trump now leaning so hard into QAnon, anyone who interviews him *must* ask ‘Do you believe there is a global cabal of elites who are kidnapping children, taking them to underground tunnels, murdering them, eating them and drinking their adrenochrome to stay young forever? Have you secretly been president since 2020, while Biden has actually been a clone? Were Hillary Clinton and Anthony Fauci taken to gitmo and executed? And if you don’t believe these things, why are you posting QAnon memes, playing their music, and encouraging their salutes?’” he tweeted.

“After last night’s rally, there’s no denying that Trump’s fully embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory.
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Chicago Police ordered to let suspect vehicle get away after caught-on-camera gunpoint robbery

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>An Indiana man who was robbed at gunpoint while visiting family in Chicago used his military background to fight back and thwart any further attack, but police were unable to catch the fleeing suspects after officers were told to discontinue their pursuit, according to reports and interviews with Fox News Digital.


>CWBChicago also described how officers spotted the vehicle they believed was involved in King’s robbery later in the day on Sept. 9. The news site reported that officers initially pursued the vehicle before a supervisor told them to stand down and let the car get away, in line with police department policy.

Link to story about police department policy here:

>Officers may engage in foot pursuits when they believe the need to detain an offender outweighs the risk of chasing potentially armed suspects to both the public and to officers. Law enforcement officers must have a valid reason for wanting to detain offenders who flee, according to the new policy.
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Failed rocket attack targets US military base in Syria, CENTCOM says

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There was a failed rocket attack on the U.S. military base known as Green Village in northeast Syria on Sunday, the U.S. Central Command said.

Three 107mm rockets were launched but "failed to strike U.S. or Coalition forces or equipment," CENTCOM said in a statement.

"A fourth rocket along with rocket tubes was found at the launch point, approximately 5 kilometers away," it added.

This is the same base where a recent attack by Iran-backed militants resulted in retaliatory fire and airstrikes by Apache helicopter gunships on those militants.

It's unclear who launched the attack Sunday. U.S. forces are investigating the incident.

Biden says U.S. forces would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden said U.S forces would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, his most explicit statement so far on the issue, something sure to anger Beijing.

Asked in a CBS 60 Minutes interview broadcast on Sunday whether U.S. forces would defend the self-ruled island claimed by China, he replied: "Yes, if in fact, there was an unprecedented attack."

Asked to clarify if he meant that unlike in Ukraine, U.S. forces - American men and women - would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, Biden replied: "Yes."

The interview was just the latest time that Biden has appeared to go beyond long-standing stated U.S. policy on Taiwan, but his statement was clearer than previous ones about committing U.S. troops to the defend the island.

The United States has long stuck to a policy of "strategic ambiguity" and not making clear whether it would respond militarily to an attack on Taiwan.

Asked to comment, a White House spokesperson said U.S. policy towards Taiwan had not changed.

"The President has said this before, including in Tokyo earlier this year. He also made clear then that our Taiwan policy hasn’t changed. That remains true," the spokesperson said.

In May, Biden was asked if he was willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan and replied: "Yes ... That's the commitment we made."

In the 60 Minutes interview, Biden reiterated the United States did not support Taiwanese independence and remained committed to a "One-China" policy in which Washington officially recognizes Beijing not Taipei.

Biden's remarks are sure to enrage Beijing, which was greatly angered by a visit to Taiwan by U.S. House speaker Nancy Pelosi in August.

That visit promoted China to conducted its largest-ever military exercises around Taiwan and China has protested moves by U.S. lawmakers to advanced legislation that would enhance U.S. military support for Taiwan.
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Russia, Turkey agree to resume Turkish nuclear plant construction

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A dispute between Turkish and Russian companies that threatened to derail Turkey’s nuclear power ambitions was resolved on Friday during talks between the two nations’ leaders.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed to reinstate Turkish builder IC Ictas as the main contractor on the $20-billion project, a Turkish official told Bloomberg, speaking on customary condition of anonymity. “All the issues over Akkuyu nuclear plant construction in Turkey are resolved,” Russian news agency Interfax also reported.

Russian state company Rosatom, which has been building the 4,800-megawatt plant in southern Turkey, kicked IC Ictas out of the project in July, saying Russian firms would replace the Turkish contractor. IC Ictas signaled it could go to court, warning that a legal dispute would threaten timely completion of the project.

Turkish Builder Ditched by Rosatom Warns Nuclear Work Is Stalled

The two companies are expected to work on a new contract that should better clarify the parties’ responsibilities at the plant, said an IC Ictas executive, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss information that isn’t public.

Turkey, whose energy bill this year is projected to reach $100 billion, hopes to see the first of four reactors at Akkuyu operational next year. The nation’s current-account deficit is expected to reach 5.9% of gross domestic product in 2022, fueled by a larger trade deficit due to a rally in energy prices.


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The market tumbles today as the latest inflation report confirms what we've all been thinking: the inflation reduction act is in name only.
Dow Jones Dives 700 Points On Hot Inflation Report
The Dow Jones Industrial Average dived more than 700 points on Tuesday's hot inflation reading, as figures show a key inflation metric rose instead of making an expected dip last month.
Released early Tuesday, the Labor Department's Consumer Price Index, or CPI, showed consumer prices rose 0.1% in August vs. the previous month. That proved hotter than estimates for a 0.1% monthly fall. Inflation rose 8.3% in August from a year ago, higher than the expected 8.1% rise.

Meanwhile, electric-vehicle leader Tesla (TSLA) lost around 3% Tuesday. Among the Dow Jones industrials, tech titans Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT) were both sharply lower after today's stock market open
Amid the unexpected inflation news, the Dow Jones Industrial Average sold off 2.3%, while the S&P 500 dropped 2.7%. The tech-heavy Nasdaq composite traded down 3.4% in morning action.

Among exchange-traded funds, the Nasdaq 100 tracker Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ) fell 3.2%, and the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) lost 2.4% in early trade.

The 10-year Treasury yield surged to 3.44% after the hotter-than-expected inflation data. On Monday, the 10-year Treasury yield notched its highest closing level since June 15.

U.S. oil prices gave up early gains, falling less than 1% Tuesday morning. West Texas Intermediate futures traded back to $87 a barrel.

The Producer Price index, which measures wholesale inflation, will be out Wednesday
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Queen of England doesn't want Traitor Trump at her Funeral, only President Biden is invited

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If Donald Trump thought that his hagiography of Queen Elizabeth published on his Truth Social website and the Daily Mail in the days after her death would secure him an invite to her funeral, he will be disappointed.

For it has been revealed that Trump, who is believed to have been angling for an invite, will not after all receive an invitation to attend the queen’s funeral on Monday next week in London.
In a departure from tradition, former U.S. presidents will not be invited to attend the funeral. Instead, the honor will be extended only to current heads of state, and their spouses or partners, apparently due to pressure on space.

The revelations were made in a report by Politico, based on documents seen by them that have been distributed to embassies and ambassadors as long-held arrangements for the queen’s death, codenamed Operation London Bridge, swing into action.

The Times of London reported: “Questions have been asked in the US over whether Donald Trump will be invited but British sources have scotched the idea that he could accompany the US delegation and said there would not be space for Biden’s predecessors.”

CBS News reported Monday that President Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, would be the only official representatives of the U.S. at the funeral. “There will be no delegation because we have only two seats for the funeral,” a senior official told CBS’ senior White House and political correspondent Ed O’Keefe.

Ahead of Trump being snubbed, advisers hoped President Biden’s delegation would invite Trump.

“Biden should include Trump, the way Obama [was] included with Mandela,” a senior Trump adviser told The Daily Beast, referring to how world leaders were invited to the former South African president's funeral. “No brainer.”
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