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'They degrade our history': Conservatives throw a fit over Lizzo playing James Madison's flute

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Pop star Lizzo this week got the opportunity to play a 200-year-old crystal flute that was once owned by President James Madison -- and some conservatives are absolutely furious about it.

On Wednesday, Lizzo visited the Reading Room and flute vault at the Library of Congress's Great Hall, where she got to play multiple flutes archived there, including the aforementioned flute once owned by Madison.

Later that night, Lizzo brought the flute onstage with her at a concert and played it for the audience, while remarking that "history is freaking cool."

While much of the nation found this to be unobjectionable fun, a cadre of right-wing culture warriors immediately took to Twitter to denounce Lizzo playing Madison's flute as a "woke" assault on American history.

"The Library of Congress really took out a 200-year old flute that belonged to James Madison just so Lizzo could twerk with it," fumed right-wing operative Greg Price. "They degrade our history and then call you racist if you actually value it."

"Everyone involved in the decision to allow Lizzo to twerk while playing James Madison’s flute needs to be deported," raged "America First" supporter Andrew McCarthy. "I don’t care if they’re citizens. Deport them somewhere."

Trump-loving author Nick Adams, meanwhile, said that the "Biden Administration is making a mockery of the country" by letting Lizzo play the flute, as he charged that she "isn't talented enough to play music on a $20 Yamaha Plastic Recorder off Amazon."

Matt Walsh, the right-wing Christian culture warrior from The Daily Wire, believed that letting Lizzo play the flute was deliberately intended to antagonize white people.

"Lizzo playing James Madison's flute was a form of racial retribution, according to the woke Left," he wrote. "And I actually have no doubt that this is part of the reason why the Library of Congress facilitated this spectacle."
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Trump's Pet Judge Tells Trump Legal Team To Ignore Special Master's Orders that They Don't Like

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Judge Aileen Cannon ruled Thursday that former President Trump no longer has to submit a sworn statement about the accuracy of the FBI's inventory on items seized from Mar-a-Lago, as the deadline to do so from the special master loomed.

Why it matters: Cannon sided with Trump's legal team, which objected to special master Raymond Dearie's request he back up his claims, at least until he has had a chance to review the records. Trump has claimed, without evidence, that the FBI planted evidence at the property during the August search.

Driving the news: In the same filing, Cannon, a Trump appointee who sits on the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida, also pushed back the deadline for the completion of the special master's review of the documents from Nov. 30 to Dec. 16.

She ruled that Trump does not have to make claims about which types of executive privilege he wants to assert over which documents on a rolling basis, as Dearie had required.
Instead, he can wait and file "one comprehensive annotated copy" after the midterm elections, indicating whether each document should be covered by attorney-client privilege, attorney work product privilege, executive privilege or is personal record.
How we got here: On Wednesday, Trump's lawyers wrote to Dearie objecting to his request to address whether they disputed the accuracy of the FBI's list of documents.

Trump's lawyers claimed that the demand in Dearie's case management plan "exceeds the grant of authority" given to Dearie.
The bottom line: Cannon's most recent ruling effectively overrules Dearie's challenge for Trump to "put up or shut up" regarding some of the public statements he's made.

Europe braces for mobile network blackouts (phoneposters BTFO)

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PARIS/STOCKHOLM/MILAN, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Once unthinkable, mobile phones could go dark around Europe this winter if power cuts or energy rationing knocks out parts of the mobile networks across the region.

Russia's decision to halt gas supplies via Europe's key supply route in the wake of the Ukraine conflict has increased the chances of power shortages. In France, the situation is made worse by several nuclear power plants shutting down for maintenance.

Telecoms industry officials say they fear a severe winter will put Europe's telecoms infrastructure to the test, forcing companies and governments to try to mitigate the impact.

Currently there are not enough back-up systems in many European countries to handle widespread power cuts, four telecoms executives said, raising the prospect of mobile phone outages.

European Union countries, including France, Sweden and Germany, are trying to ensure communications can continue even if power cuts end up exhausting back-up batteries installed on the thousands of cellular antennas spread across their territory.

Europe has nearly half a million telecom towers and most of them have battery backups that last around 30 minutes to run the mobile antennas.
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Lib shot a grandma because she's against baby killing

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Military's 1st trans officer arrested for espionage

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Teen killed because he was pro life

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Blasts precede Baltic pipeline leaks, sabotage seen likely

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> Nord pipeline is blown up
> looks like sabotage
> no culprit yet
> US helicopter was seen around blast area on flight tracker, but this could mean they were tracking Russian sub
> pipe was not operational but had gas inside and the gas is still being pumped into it. I read some report it has to be filled but there was no explanation why.
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Ontario High School Teacher Seen Wearing Massive Prosthetic Bust to Class

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Photos and videos out of a Canadian High School are going viral as they show a male teacher wearing what appears to be large, prosthetic breasts in full view of young students.

Shocking media first began to circulate on Twitter earlier this week, with multiple accounts sharing a mobile phone video and stills of a shop teacher demonstrating how to use a circular saw.

The teacher is seen wearing an extremely prominent prosthetic bust, one which clearly outlines the nipples through his tight shirt. He is also donning a bright blonde wig and short-shorts.

I don't remember my shop teacher looking like this
— King Royce Lopez II (@hippojuicefilm) September 14, 2022

Multiple photos and videos have surfaced of the same individual instructing young students, and in all of them he is wearing the oversized bust.

The media has been confirmed as originating from Oakville Trafalgar High School in Oakville, Ontario.

The man seen in the photos and videos is a Manufacturing Technology instructor who allegedly began identifying as a woman last year. The teacher now goes by the name Kayla Lemieux.

“The kids here most definitely don’t think its normal… but realistically we can’t say anything,” one student said on Twitter, “Last year, the teacher was a man. I don’t think the school can fire him.”
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EXPLAINER: How real are Putin’s nuclear threats in Ukraine?

Russian President Vladimir Putin warns that he won’t hesitate to use nuclear weapons to ward off Ukraine’s attempt to reclaim control of Moscow-occupied areas that the Kremlin is about to annex.

While the West dismisses that as a scare tactic, a top Putin lieutenant upped the ante by boldly saying the U.S. and its NATO allies wouldn’t dare strike Russia, even if it used nuclear weapons in Ukraine.
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