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School shooting in Russia kills 15 Russian children, wounds 24

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Russia's Investigative Committee identified the gunman as 34-year-old Artyom Kazantsev, a graduate of the same school, and said he was wearing a black t-shirt bearing "Nazi symbols." No details about his motives have been released.

The Committee said 15 people, including 11 children, were killed in the shooting, and 24 other people, including 22 children, were wounded in the attack.

The governor of Udmurtia, Alexander Brechalov, said the gunman, who he said was registered as a patient at a psychiatric facility, killed himself after the attack.

The FSB detained Japanese Consul Motoki Tatsunori in Vladivostok for "espionage"

The consul was declared persona non grata.

Today #Japan expanded sanctions against #Russia, banning the export of goods related to chemical weapons.
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Russia Desperately Tries to Sell Its Failing Ukraine War Draft as Citizens Flee

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The Kremlin’s talking heads tried to remain upbeat about calling up citizens to fight amid reports that men were being sent to the front after only one day of military training.

Russia’s recently announced “partial mobilization” of men for the Ukraine war brought turmoil to the home front, where everyday citizens were suddenly greeted by a conflict many perceived as another country’s problem. Hundreds have been detained in anti-mobilization protests across the country, including Dagestan and the Sakha Republic, which are among the regions that have been heavily targeted for mass recruitment.

Most state TV programs are promoting the idea that the mobilization is a necessary measure, unconvincingly claiming that it’s welcomed by the Russians at large. However, cracks are forming just beneath the surface, since even the most enthusiastic pro-Kremlin cheerleaders are unwittingly revealing too much to the alarmed Russian population.

On Thursday, one day after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the partial mobilization, Colonel Rustem Klupov, a retired military intelligence agent, appeared on the show Full Contact, hosted by Russia’s top propagandist Vladimir Solovyov. The host immediately asked Klupov whether he was ready for the mobilization and he enthusiastically confirmed: “Yes, I took out my uniform and ironed it, got it all squared away, got my rapid deployment knapsack ready and bought two cans of Spam.”

While his Colonels were buying Spam, Putin reportedly went off to rest up at his secret palace near Gelendzhik—providing yet another reminder about Russia’s resources being siphoned off by its leadership, which might explain why the country’s military is experiencing a lack of equipment and supplies during the Kremlin’s war of imperial conquest against the neighboring nation.
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Christian School Expels Girl After Asking For Bathtub Pics

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The parents of a Florida second-grader said their child was withdrawn from school after they questioned an assignment in which their daughter was instructed to “send a picture of you doing reading homework in the bathtub.”

Misty Dunham and her husband Christopher, of Jacksonville, said they were surprised when students at Victory Christian Academy received the request among other assignments, which included practicing “Psalm 24: 1-2 with an adult” three times, reading “Fun With Friends,” and practicing spelling, arithmetic and phonics ahead of future tests, WJAX-TV reported.

“A bathtub is not appropriate for a child to take a picture,” Dunham told the television station.
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EXCLUSIVE: White House guest claims Trump indicated he swapped out Oval Office 'secret toilet' because Obama used it: New book claims he would TIP military aides and filled his bathroom with hairspray

Former President Donald Trump would tell guests about his 'secret bathroom' off the Oval Office, and claimed he had it renovated after President Barack Obama left, according to 'Confidence Man' by Maggie Haberman. 'You understand what I'm talking about?' he told a visitor, who took the comment to mean he 'did not want to use the same bathroom as his black predecessor,' according to Haberman

'"You understand what I'm talking about?" Trump said to one guest,' Haberman writes in a passage obtained by – in a comment the Trump visitor took as code for disgust with his predecessor.

Two years after banning President Trump, Facebook bans Pornhub

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A sitting elected president was that much more offensive to the censors at Facebook than outright pornography.

Blasts precede Baltic pipeline leaks, sabotage seen likely

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> Nord pipeline is blown up
> looks like sabotage
> no culprit yet
> US helicopter was seen around blast area on flight tracker, but this could mean they were tracking Russian sub
> pipe was not operational but had gas inside and the gas is still being pumped into it. I read some report it has to be filled but there was no explanation why.
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Right-wing individuals are more likely to fall for political bullshit, according to new research

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Politically conservative individuals tend to be slightly more receptive to political bullshit, according to new research that examined participants from three different countries. The study, which examined “statements of political content that intend to persuade voters, but are so vague and broad that they are essentially meaningless,” has been published in the Journal of Social and Political Psychology.

Vukasin Gligoric, the corresponding author of the study and a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, said he was motivated to investigate the topic of political bullshit for two primary reasons.

“One is that I’ve been interested in politics and political psychology for quite some time,” he explained. “Secondly, I was inspired by Gordon Pennycook and colleagues’ very related work on pseudo-profound bullshit (sentences that sound deep because they use complex words, but are actually meaningless). Specifically, it was one paper that investigated whether neoliberals are more receptive to pseudo-profound bullshit. In the discussion, they give a possible example of bullshit in politics, where politicians could say something like ‘I believe in America!’ Then I realized – oh my God, there is a lot going on here.”

Given how often politicians use grandiose phrases that lack any real meaning, Gligoric was surprised to find that there was little research on it. “For me, the discrepancy between how prevalent the phenomenon is and the lack of investigation of the topic is staggering,” he said.

The new findings are based on research conducted with 179 U.S. participants, 185 Serbian participants, and 170 Dutch participants.
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Racist, Republican, Florida teacher fired for infringing on first amendment rights of student

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A Florida high school teacher was fired after he was caught on video berating a student who wouldn't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, the Brandenton Herald reports.

Art teacher Robert Reiber yelling that student for "sitting on your butt" as the Pledge was recited. “Don’t shake your leg,” he continued. “If you wanna do something, get up and do it. I’ll defend my country til the very end.”

When the student replied, "I won't hurt you," Reiber fired back, “Then go back to — where are you from Mexico or Guatemala, where?”

“I was born here,” the student replied.

“You were born here,” Reiber says, “and you won’t stand up for the flag?”
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Democrat election fraud

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This time it's Democrat election fraud. Michael Myers, a Democrat who was elected to the office of Congress, has been sentenced to 30 months in prison and ordered to pay $100k for election fraud.
Democratic congressman Michael “Ozzie” Myers has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for federal election fraud dating back to 2014, the Justice Department said Tuesday, and was immediately taken into custody.

Myers, 79, pleaded guilty in June to conspiracy to deprive voters of civil rights, bribery, obstruction of justice, falsification of voting records, and conspiring to illegally vote in a federal election as part of scams to stuff ballot boxes for certain Democratic candidates in Pennsylvania elections between 2014 and 2018, the DOJ said in a news release.

Prosecutors said some of the candidates were running to be judges and had hired Myers, who would use portions of “consulting fees” from his clients to pay others to interfere with election results.
Myers, who had been expelled from Congress in 1980 and served time in prison after taking bribes from an undercover FBI agent as part of the ABSCAM investigation, was also sentenced Tuesday to three years of supervision upon release and ordered to pay $100,000 in fines, the press release said.

“Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. If even one vote has been illegally cast or if the integrity of just one election official is compromised, it diminishes faith in process,” US Attorney Jacqueline Romero said in a statement.

Jacqueline Romero added, "While this case took 8 years to prosecute we, as Americans, can rest assured that no election fraud occurred in 2020 and the short amount of time we've looked into it is reason enough to conclude that 2020 was the surest, most secure election in US history."
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Britain’s lurch toward ‘Reaganomics’ gets a thumbs down from the markets

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LONDON — New U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss may have talked big on “trickle-down economics” during her campaign trail this summer, but no-one could have predicted the swathe of tax cuts unleashed just weeks into her Downing Street tenure.

Billed as a “mini-budget” by her Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng, Friday’s fiscal announcement was anything but with a volume of tax cuts not seen in Britain since 1972.

Truss — whose “Trussonomics” policy stance has been likened to that of her political idols Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher — has now put the country on an economic road completely at odds with most, if not all, major global economies as inflation boils over and a cost-of-living crisis barrels into Europe.

It’s been seen, even by some of her advocates, as a political and economic gamble with Truss yet to face the wider British electorate in a nationwide vote — unlike her predecessor Boris Johnson.

Market players immediately predicted that Britain would have to scale up its bond issuance and significantly increase its debt load to pay for the cuts — not typical of the low-tax Conservative governments of the past.
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