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Rain gear general

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Post about staying dry under the rain.

Does this type of polyester fabric coat work well enough? I tried making waterproof fabric with silicone caulk and cotton canvas and while it works like magic, I also found out that silicone caulk can be used as rocket fuel. I did a small burn test and the silicone-caulk waterproofed fabric burns better than the raw fabric I made it from.
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Deliverymaxxing general

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Where do you live?
What do you ride?
How much do you make every day?
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>I NEED more than three gears.
No you don't
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Campagnolo has great technologies but they lack adoption. Take N3W freehub bodies.
>can take 9t cogs
>backward compatible 9 to 13 speed with adapter
Shimano and SRAM create 10 different hub standards, and yet the third party suppliers creating competition and driving down costs are producing parts for them. Chinese groupset manufacturers go for shimano and sram standards as well.
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redpill me on bromptons

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used to think they looked sketchy and dumb but now im thinking they look like fun with the scooter like geometry
seen busniessmen in suits riding them like trials bikes and theres a big customizing scene
they seem really expensive for what they are tho is it worth getting a clone instead?
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Are there any good examples of redeveloping a former airport? There's railway lines transformed into bicycle paths or linear parks but I've never seen a former runway made into a central avenue of a district
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What is the reasoning for using an electric bike? Why not just use a motorcycle or a real bike?
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Have you ever had a bad experience waiting for the bus ?

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Anons, I live out in the country, but we have nice trails here that can take you into town - however, it's quite the trip (about 20km one-way) - can I upgrade the batteries on an e-scooter?
I'd be fine hanging a little bag on the handlebars with the battery, and terminals leading into the scooter itself, as long as it just has that kind of access.

Any recommendations?
Our trails are surprisingly pleasant to ride, not too bumpy, but something with pneumatic tires is good.

Thank you and God Bless.
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Crosswalks and Traffic Signals

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I hate how stupid traffic signals are.
>press beg button
>traffic lights are red for all the lanes I want to cross
>pedestrian signal doesn't let me through even though it's safe
>sit there for 2 minutes watching a clear and safe crosswalk that I could be crossing
>traffic gets a green light and now I have to wait out a whole light cycle
>I don't get to cross until it circles back around to the state it was in WHEN I FUCKING PRESSED THE BUTTON
This happens to me multiple times a day by the way. It drives me insane.
This is why people just ignore the rules.
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