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What would be the best bike for my needs?

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I want to get back into it but I don't know what bike to choose.
I mainly do city commuting, sometimes high hills, some light out of track, but most important thing, my city is filled with picrel. I was thinking a gravel bike would be best for my needs, if not what mountain bike is most suited? Also what gravel could I hypothethically get that is good enough (budget is around 800€)?
I browse Decathlon for catalog since I'm in Italy.
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Anon, why all of a sudden everyone has city bikes?

I noticed that people of all ages ride a city bike of sorts, from kids to adults, men and women. Few ride step through frames.

Small bicycle shops tend to stock a lot of city bikes too, of all sizes and makes.

When I was a kid 15 years ago, nobody except grandpas used one. Everyone used a mountain bike.

Is it a weird consequence of bike shortages?
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End of summer edition

Last thread

Can't have /n/ without a proper touring thread.

Now that summer is almost over, is anyone planing on doing tours in autumn?
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Badly designed infrastructure projects

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pictured: 3rd metro line (in yellow).
>based on electoral promises
>originally just a branch of the 2nd line, now it will require an interchange going up and down the stairs at Stadion
>a tram would be faster from Gocław to the centre (also planned but put on hold after metro was announced)
>there was no overall city study on where a next line should actually be build to serve the most people
>"Etap III" runs parallel to existing heavy rail just 500 metres north while its the N-S 1st line that is at full capacity
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Rigid 90s Mtb / Classic bike / Project bike thread

All welcome

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I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe
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Where does he go next? Who needs him the most?
Rumor is he is coming to America.
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need to commute to work (6 miles). Its quite hilly and I would have to share the road with cars. What is the mazda miata of ebikes for someone who isn't a manlet? (6'4 197lbs) budget is around $1,500
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Amerifat here, I'm trying out a Train Sim game for the first time and god damn this is what your trains look like, Germany?

It's a god damned space ship.
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