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Chain of Rocks Bridge

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What were they thinking?

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Why wouldn't it work as a viable means of transportation? Landing issues aside it works pretty well.
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Discussion about the era before the jet-age.
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The Bering Strait

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Will they ever build a connection? Why haven't they yet?
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Whats the thing about bicycles that annoys you the most?

>brake pad moves as you tighten it
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>Here's your sidewalk bro
Did Boomers ruin the East Coast?
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what's the best way of commuting to school for me lads (round trip)
<20km pedaling
<15€ tickets
<4km walking
<10€ tickets
<40min drive
<10€ gasoline
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1x drivetrains

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>limits your gearing range
>limits how close your gears can be
>wears out drivetrain components way quicker
>those fast wearing cassettes are also conveniently way more expensive
>many new frames don't even have front derailleur mounts anymore, forcing you into using 1x
And the best part? People will unironically justify this by saying that clicking a button on the left handlebar is a "hassle" and "too much to think about".
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/EMG/-Electric Mobility General

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My scooter is finally here Edition

The purpose of this thread is to discuss various light electric modes of transportation, such as ebikes and escooters.

Reputable Dealers
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e-bike pill

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Do you even realize we are living in the golden e-bike period?
In most places it's completely legal and socially accepted to have no license, no registration, no helmet, and no armor.
>All the things that made motorcycles great in early part of 20th century are now here in e-bike form.
Just an affordable, liberating, fun and casual way to get around.
>Have you taken the e-bike pill anons?
It's only a mater of time Karens and nannies bring the hammer down, enjoy it now!
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