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Why cities around the world are banning cars

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New CNBC kino just dropped, what do you guys see for the future of cities worldwide?
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Cockpit thread

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Post your cockpit.

I found this one on the internet. I think this is modded Ninebot G30 or G65 idk escooter

The Concorde

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The retirement of the Concorde was the biggest setback to transportation of the past millennium. The future of intercontinental transportation is currently sitting in a museum right now. It can fly from New York to London in 3 hours, and it was made in 1979. Imagine how easy intercontinental flights would be today if we had a modern version of the Concorde. The Concorde was the coolest airliner ever made and nobody will convince me otherwise. The fact that something this groundbreaking was retired still amazes me to this day.
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Got a job offer in Chicago

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With $120k can I afford to live somewhere nice and transit-accessible in Chicago? I don’t want the expense of a car.
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How are e-bike kits? I like normal commuting but having a battery to run for more time or to make the ride more comfortable every now and then seems alright. Are there any of these kit that are easy to pop on/pop off and are also good?

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Build up, not out. This could be replaced with a skyscraper parking garage that has a stadium on top.
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Is flying a plane easier than driving a car in a big city?

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Bike theives

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Someone had tried too steal my bike today. Luckily it was secured with a heavy folding lock and if it did get knicked, I got an airtag hidden on it so I can hunt down the thief and potetially call the cops on them, but do anyone know any cool tricks to discourage thievery/get rid of thieves?
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Chain of Rocks Bridge

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What were they thinking?

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Why wouldn't it work as a viable means of transportation? Landing issues aside it works pretty well.
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