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jacobs bogies hate thread

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>X'Trapolis 100
>normal bogies
>no problem good ride and smooth

>X'Trapolis modular
>shitty jacobs bogies
>louder, throws train left-right and uncomfortable
>i am vomit and i am still shaking
>i don't usually get sick in bus/car/other shaky shitty stuff
I hate this shit.

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I love my chinese-made hyperscooter. 60 miles per hour top speed, suspension like a trampoline, dual 4kw hub motors, hydraulic brakes, regenerative braking, a 4 KILOWATT HOUR BATTERY, and as off-road capable as a fine dirt bike. No seat because I'm not a PUSSY, and it only costs $3600
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Progs really do ruin everything dont they?

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>Be me
>Live in former Yugoslav shithole
Car infested because:
- the Yugoslav government demolished cities with roads for military purposes
- then we got busy in the 90s, while our to-be economic trade partners got busy reversing the damage
- then the neoliberals decided to not change anything and prostitute our public spaces to the German automotive industry
- the car morphed from being a symbol of the elite, to a status symbol, to a bare minimum; God forbid you be seen on a tram past 30
>Got my drivers license 3 years ago
>Not because I needed it but because that was something you just 'did' when turning 18-19, my parents covered it
>Bike everywhere for everything to this day

>Started to rub more than two braincells together
>Realized how fucked and unjust our infra is:
Ridiculous amount of allocated space to motor traffic, even downtown. Practically free public parking. Usurpation of sidewalks to be turned into parking, leaving barely anything to pedestrians (Picrel in first reply). Police not doing their fucking job enforcing traffic and parking violations in the city. Dissonance between the law and common practice regarding cycling (first reply, cycling on sidewalks is expected but illegal). Disproportional allocation of public funds and user-tax not covering the full cost of motor infra, making everyone else subsidize it etc.

>Be me now
>Pretty deep into the car-hate rabbithole
>Heard of this new podcast called 'War on cars'
>Have a listen
>Passive, inoffensive, limp-dicked, half-baked, onions observations and non-statements interjected by "Women of color", "Disabled people", "Fascism", how this is exclusively capitalism's fault, Climate change(I don't care, sue me), "Police violence"

Not a crumb of the core issue; that being how this is an economic injustice, theft, perpetrated and enforced by the state and how it has pretty deep and scummy history of PSYOPs and lobbying continuing to this day.
I fucking hate progs, they corrode everything good they touch.
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Name a better city (in America)

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>electric buses
>electric trolleys
>underground train
>muni train
>rentable bikes / scooters
>specified bike lanes / zones
>beautiful parks peppered throughout the entire city
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Cyclists vs Lycraists

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What can we do to end the confusion?
As long as people think cycling is a pointless hobby we'll never get good infrastructure.
Should we come up with a new word for the lycra fetishists like the dutch do?
Now I know what you're thinking, but we need something a little more pc than "faggots".
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Bike livery thread

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post things that look good
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New ‘toss just dropped
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Unaffordable shitty rail coming.
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What's the scariest thing you've ever experienced in an airplane?
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Do you get motion sickness from high speed rail?
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