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Urban Planning General - /UPG/

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In this thread we discuss the current and past trends of urban planning from across the globe.
Urban planning is /n/ related.
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Another car smashed by Brightline train

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Is this the most crashed train in the world? Seriously look it up, this line only opened recently and there are already tons of videos.
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/MG/ Maritime General

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Northern Lights edition
(Needs updating and greenhorns dont read it anyway)
Previous thread: nobody cares

Maritime jobs: so hot right now. Pay raise? Better schedule? endorsement upgrades? NGMI if you arent getting it now.

Captcha: Deckies lmao
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Comfymaxxing general. Post comfyspo here. If you slam that stem, you don't belong here.
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Favourite /n/ typefaces & signs

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We usually take our signs for granted. What are your favourites? I'm a big fan of the font "Toronto Subway"
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need i say more?
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So this is peak comfy...not bad.
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jacobs bogies hate thread

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>X'Trapolis 100
>normal bogies
>no problem good ride and smooth

>X'Trapolis modular
>shitty jacobs bogies
>louder, throws train left-right and uncomfortable
>i am vomit and i am still shaking
>i don't usually get sick in bus/car/other shaky shitty stuff
I hate this shit.

/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany General - Big fucking steam locomotive edition

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The one and only /chad/ general. Accept no generic substitutes.
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I love my chinese-made hyperscooter. 60 miles per hour top speed, suspension like a trampoline, dual 4kw hub motors, hydraulic brakes, regenerative braking, a 4 KILOWATT HOUR BATTERY, and as off-road capable as a fine dirt bike. No seat because I'm not a PUSSY, and it only costs $3600
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