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Anti-Car Praxis

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Quit living in fear of the cagers! We have put up with the danger, noise, and pollution for far too long. Policies and taxes are not doing enough to disincentivize car ownership. What practical steps can be taken to further discourage the cager in your community?
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/bqg/ - bike questions general

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plain edition.

>Park Tool and RJ the Bike Guy on youtube for tutorials
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/BBG/- Bike Buy General

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Falling Leaves, Falling Prices Edition

Previous thread
>>1834308 (OP)
Post here for help buying a bike.
If you want recs off craigslist, post your local site, height, budget, and intended use.

Now is the time for impulse buyers and latecomers to get a good deal.

Negativity discouraged, only good vibes. Calling people fat will result in a ban unless you post your wrist and bike with timestamp. Bitching about cars vs bikes will result in a ban.
Whether we ride a broke down mamachurri or a $10,000 fredsled we all love bikes.

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allez su bici
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Rigid 90s Mtb / Classic bike / Project bike thread

All welcome

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End of summer edition

Last thread

Can't have /n/ without a proper touring thread.

Now that summer is almost over, is anyone planing on doing tours in autumn?
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Unaffordable shitty rail coming.
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What would be the best bike for my needs?

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I want to get back into it but I don't know what bike to choose.
I mainly do city commuting, sometimes high hills, some light out of track, but most important thing, my city is filled with picrel. I was thinking a gravel bike would be best for my needs, if not what mountain bike is most suited? Also what gravel could I hypothethically get that is good enough (budget is around 800€)?
I browse Decathlon for catalog since I'm in Italy.
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At this point we are 3, maybe at most 5 years away from the point where people will unironically buy 100% mainland Chinese brand bikes without it being seen as niche/autist/risque/"interesting". Like how people basically consider Anker to be the best of the best when it comes to their one niche thing, not "despite being a PRC brand", no discussion of that, just straight up it's good, it's trustworthy, end of discussion. We're getting pretty close for bikes but we're still a couple of years out.

But here I don't mean this one niche thing like a wheel. For bikes I mean everything, from the frameset to the wheels to the groupset, chain, tires, contact points, even the electronics. There will be a 100% PRC bike and it will be not a cheap bike but a good bike, and probably there will be a number of them actually and it will be considered prestigious to ride one.

My question is, why isn't Taiwan doing the same? I can buy a Seka or a Winspace frame direct from the manufacturer. Why won't ORA sell me one frameset? I know they've got a lot of large bike companies as clients but why aren't we seeing direct to consumer Taiwanese framesets, wheels etc? The only thing that has stopped me from buying an LB or Yoeleo wheelset is the fact that buying a PRC-branded product is stigmatized in my mind. 2/3 of the stuff I own is PRC-made so it's completely illogical but I feel like Taiwan could really capitalize on this stuff, so why don't they?
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Israeli Public Transport

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What is public transport like in Israel?
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New ‘toss just dropped
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