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Who the fuck thought this was a good idea??

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I understand radical color schemes, and enjoy most of them.

But this..........

Ugly bike thread.

Winner? Diamondback
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buying a bicycle is stupid if you don't live near an area with no cars and no traffic, if you live in a city I see no point either unless you want to get hit by a car, if you are serious into cycling an electro-magnetic high-end spin bike is the only reasonable choice, it is also quiet as fuck unlike those giga racketing road bikes attached to trainers

When you see it #5

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When you see it

Previous: >>1781074
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Now that the dust has settled, was he REALLY at fault?

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What's your favourite private/business jets?

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/itg/ - Indian Railways Edition

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Welcome to Indian Transportation General. This is Indian Railways edition. I am just an autist from India trying to spend time here to cut back on things I don't want to remain in my lifestyle.

I will be telling and discussing about Indian Transportation, its history, present and future here, theme of this edition will be Indian Railways

I will be starting with few random facts:

First train in India, ran from Bombay to Thane, a 34km stretch.

Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world, carrying more than 23 million passengers a day.

Indian Railways is managed by the state and is among the world's largest employers, employing more than 1.4 million people.
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>trashed another bike

LBS told me there were at least 150 euro worth of costs to service my mountain bike.
A new one costs 190 euro.

Are cheap bicycles just not worth the emotional attachment at all?
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I like barebone look of a bike without this shit, but i dont wanna get dirty in rainy weather.

What do?
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