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Grassy Bois

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Are grass-covered tram and railways worth the extra upkeep? My understanding is that they lower the amount of noise and keep the area cooler in the summer compared to things like asphalt or concrete, but have the drawback that they need to be mowed regularly. They also look nicer than most railbeds.
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aus/n/z: Easy under Albanese edition

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What's going on in the way of transport in your city/state?
Here in Vic, nothing much has changed other than the announcement of the G-class:
Personally can't fucking wait, I am on a line that just uses old B-class and they're fucking shithouse.
>b-but muh SOVL
Don't care.
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Why should I sit next to nonwhites, restrict myself to stops or stations and waste time on slow public transportation.
I would always have to stick to schedules, expose myself to nonwhites, walk to stops or stations and buy potentially multiple tickets.

All of that when I can just get a car instead and enjoy absolute freedom and don't have to share space with nonwhites, also a lot more comfortable.

It just doesn't make any sense.

Wheres my eskate bros at?

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Rode this for an hour a day, 6 days a week, at 35kph, in all but the wettest conditions. I charged it twice a week, and it lasted 7 months before I needed to replace a motor. Been going strong for another 5 months.
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fell for the Wald 137 meme...
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Discuss any and all about e-bikes.

Tomorrow I'm trying the Vanmoof S5 but I also want to explorer other e-bikes on the market.

Any Suggestions?
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>kills you
Heh nothing personnel kid
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Why do incels hate trains so much?
If some even mentions trains, bike lanes, or electric vehicles they go off on a long schizophrenic diatribe.