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This is going to last 300,000km right? Corolla Supremcy

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/pybt/ - post your bike thread

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>previously on /pybt/
post, rate, hate
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Anti-Car Praxis

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Quit living in fear of the cagers! We have put up with the danger, noise, and pollution for far too long. Policies and taxes are not doing enough to disincentivize car ownership. What practical steps can be taken to further discourage the cager in your community?
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Background music

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What's the best music while bicycling along a quiet path? I'm glad that's a good cycling/pedestrian play that goes from my apartment to the local retail area.
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/EUC/ - Electric Unicycle General

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A different take on Personal Electric Vehicles.
Happily continuing from the old thread: >>1719617

- good tier brands: Inmotion, Kingsong
- fast and dangerous: Begode, Veteran, Bull
- retired tier: Solowheel, Gotway, Ninebot
- homemade tier: RecioWheel

Search youtube for "electric unicycle".
Search "мoнoхoлeco" for Russians extreme modding.

>b-but, it's not the fastest/safest PEV!
You must be one of those people wasting more time parking/securing their PEV than riding it.
Also, gear up! (at least helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads).

The video thread on Electric Unicycle forum (recent ones on the last pages, currently 684):
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What color pedals should I get?

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I wish I had a sweet modern Teal carbon bike but this is what I have. Flat sky blue and a super vibrant Orange (yuck)

Now I need pedals.

Is there a way to cover up the orange logo?
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Upcoming /no/ merger

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So /n/ is set to merge with /o/ later this year, if the IRC is anything to go by. What are your thoughts on this? Hopes? Fears?
Will they be able to share the board?
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Airless tires

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What do you think /n/? Is this available somewhere? Are there bikes with tires similar to these?
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Best plane?

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Now that the dust has settled, what do I think of the 737 MAX?