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Chicago Streetscaping

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What are the current plans for Chicago infrastructure upgrades?
Right now I’m visiting Chicago and I’m amazed that even on State Street and places inside the Loop you have these huge streets with no bike lanes or even a median.
It’s like 90s American planning.
Beautiful city and it’s perfectly flat so it would be perfect for biking but they just don’t build the infrastructure.
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Good places to get cycling or skating skins? I used to go to Voler, but they haven't had anything I've liked lately.

Looking for GOOD, not cheap crap.
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is eVTOL the future of transportation?

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In order to get to the main park of my city, or even just to go on the panoramic coastline (main place to go on a bike) I need to go on a very steep and long road (11km, can't tell you how steep precisely). Now when I had an e-bike this was no problem, but now I'm planning of getting a real bike and I'm wondering if this could be possible without getting on top as a panting pool of sweat. Is that possible for someone who isn't much trained legwise? I do decently in cardio at the gym although I don't do it much since it kills gains.
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Urban Planning General - /UPG/

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In this thread we discuss the current and past trend of urban planning from across the globe.
Urban planning is /n/ related.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Radical Adventure Riders edition

RJ the Bike Guy on youtube for tutorials

Previous >>1850220

Post photos of your bike/problem
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/n/ humor thread?
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Public transportation may be cheap.... but it isn't practical.

Come to think of it, I think owning a car is also cheap and safe. Not to mention no nonwhites.

Being able to get work done during your commute and not have to share space with smelly noisy swarthy apes. Also, think about the generational wealth you could build with all the future classic cars!

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Why should I sit next to nonwhites, restrict myself to stops or stations and waste time on slow public transportation.
I would always have to stick to schedules, expose myself to nonwhites, walk to stops or stations and buy potentially multiple tickets.

All of that when I can just get a car instead and enjoy absolute freedom and don't have to share space with nonwhites, also a lot more comfortable.

It just doesn't make any sense.

/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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Akita Shinkansen 25th Anniversary Edition

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