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With the advent of the end of fossil fuels and industrial age how do you think transport will look like in the near future (next 50-100 years)?
>some data on energy
>some data on low tech, lots of transport related stuff
>post industrial urbanism
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>No motor vehicles on trail

Brings an e bike.
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SUV questions

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I’m in the market uh you know for a new or “previously owned” automobile and am looking towards some type of suv
But my question is I don’t want to look effeminate so does that mean no crossovers? only truck based platforms I have an old jeep currently which has been a great vehicle knocking on wood should I try to buy like a 2019 grand Cherokee? As a replacement for my old girl any modern SUV owners have an opinion?
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I'm not getting laid so I turned my energy into an obsession with bicycles.

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Give me a reason to upgrade from 10 speed other than "more gears".
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Pinching Cecilie's tires edition.
>>1852269 is the previous threadissimo

RJ THE BIKE GUY (mustache man) answers a lot of questions.
If you have questions be patient and try to provide pictures.
if you have answers try to be detailed and be nice.

We all want to squeece Cecilie's tires and other bike parts but LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS
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I found /n/ in webm format.
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/gag/ - General Aviation General

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General Aviation general. General as in, like, aviation in general I guess. Not general aviation.

Odd One Out edition

Previous: >>1826603
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Are cargo ebikes worth it over regular ebikes?

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They are almost double the price and can carry up to 200kg, enough for 2 adults or heavy delivery use.
Could get a regular for $3000-$4000 or cargo for $6000-$12000 AUD

Do you think women would accept a ride on an 2 seat ebike? What about fattys?
I basically just need a bike to commute at the moment but considering the versatility and future proof factor of a cargo one.

anyone here got one or both?
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