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daily ride thread - /drt/ 2.0 ackshual thread edition

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not from todays ride but the weather has been just charming. cheers
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aus/n/z: Easy under Albanese edition

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What's going on in the way of transport in your city/state?
Here in Vic, nothing much has changed other than the announcement of the G-class:
Personally can't fucking wait, I am on a line that just uses old B-class and they're fucking shithouse.
>b-but muh SOVL
Don't care.
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Are high ends bikes just fucking expensive because they act as a barrier to entry for poor people.

How the fuck do people justify paying this much for a bike when the majority of them don’t even fucking compete??

Furthermore is it just me or is this hobby dominated by snobs that expect everyone to be masochistic as them and anything electronic is immediately dismissed.
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/gag/ - General Aviation General

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General Aviation (GA) refers to all non-military or Part 121 flying. GA flying includes gliders, single-engine trainers, twin training, Part 135 prop or jet, corporate, fire fighting, personal ownership, fractional ownership, etc.

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Good enough for artic, good enough for burning man edition

And/or a link to the bike

Share your
>Intended riding


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How much flight school do you need to be allowed to operate 100% of the controls?

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How much would it cost and how much time would it take to be allowed to take off, fly around, and land operating 100% of the controls?

Basically, realistically I don't think I'll ever own an airplane and don't see the point in spending the money on a full pilot's license. Prop planes are too slow to go anywhere meaningful where a commercial flight or driving wouldn't be faster and I would want to be doing flat out stunt pilot stuff to really get what I'd want out of a plane and that's not really allowed outside of special circumstances from what I understand, not to mention it's dangerous as fuck and I'd probably get myself killed.

All of that said, I still want to *experience* flying at the controls. I want to get enough flight school time to where I can fly with an instructor but they're basically just sitting there "just in case" aside from maybe navigation or talking to the tower or answering questions about nitty gritty stuff like mixture adjustments and stuff like that, but I'm doing all of the actual flying from take off to landing.

How much would it cost and how long would it take to get to this stage of flight education? Is there anything preventing this from being my "end game" where I never get a license, but I just go up with an instructor when I feel the itch and fly around for an hour or so and call it a day?
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What does /n/ think of culdesac? It's touted as the first truly car free neighborhood in the US, with residents having to agree not to own a personal vehicle to be allowed to live there. So far, every unit is leased.
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Are they the worst representative for the hobby/sport? These fuckers are zipping pass the trails at fucking 25+ mph in their $10k road bikes.

Something about them just oozes bourgeoisie.
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imagine living in USA
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/tfg/ truckerfag general

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Gonna have to go back to trucking soon because money. It is what it is.
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