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what's the best way of commuting to school for me lads (round trip)
<20km pedaling
<15€ tickets
<4km walking
<10€ tickets
<40min drive
<10€ gasoline
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Favourite /n/ typefaces & signs

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We usually take our signs for granted. What are your favourites? I'm a big fan of the font "Toronto Subway"
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Trams General

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Post and talk about trams and similar light rail.
Starting with a pic the neat Tatra KT4DCs of Potsdam.
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Is it safe to say new york city has the most iconic bridges and tunnels?
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/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany General - Big fucking steam locomotive edition

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The one and only /chad/ general. Accept no generic substitutes.
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>No motor vehicles on trail

Brings an e bike.
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With the advent of the end of fossil fuels and industrial age how do you think transport will look like in the near future (next 50-100 years)?
>some data on energy
>some data on low tech, lots of transport related stuff
>post industrial urbanism
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SUV questions

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I’m in the market uh you know for a new or “previously owned” automobile and am looking towards some type of suv
But my question is I don’t want to look effeminate so does that mean no crossovers? only truck based platforms I have an old jeep currently which has been a great vehicle knocking on wood should I try to buy like a 2019 grand Cherokee? As a replacement for my old girl any modern SUV owners have an opinion?
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I'm not getting laid so I turned my energy into an obsession with bicycles.