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A train station at dusk, in the style of Vincent van Gogh.

Bike theives

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Someone had tried too steal my bike today. Luckily it was secured with a heavy folding lock and if it did get knicked, I got an airtag hidden on it so I can hunt down the thief and potetially call the cops on them, but do anyone know any cool tricks to discourage thievery/get rid of thieves?
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What's the scariest thing you've ever experienced in an airplane?
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Steve Roberts

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Ok folks.

This guy quit his life in 1983 and started a true nomadic always-online bike touring lifestyle.
He had an HAM radio, a gateway somewhere, he fitted buttons on his handlebar and were cycling and typing in binary at the same time.

How many of you have heard of him before?

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With the advent of the end of fossil fuels and industrial age how do you think transport will look like in the near future (next 50-100 years)?
>some data on energy
>some data on low tech, lots of transport related stuff
>post industrial urbanism
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Is it finally happening?
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Favourite /n/ typefaces & signs

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We usually take our signs for granted. What are your favourites? I'm a big fan of the font "Toronto Subway"
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/BBG/- Bike Buy General

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Falling Leaves, Falling Prices Edition

Previous thread
>>1834308 (OP)
Post here for help buying a bike.
If you want recs off craigslist, post your local site, height, budget, and intended use.

Now is the time for impulse buyers and latecomers to get a good deal.

Negativity discouraged, only good vibes. Calling people fat will result in a ban unless you post your wrist and bike with timestamp. Bitching about cars vs bikes will result in a ban.
Whether we ride a broke down mamachurri or a $10,000 fredsled we all love bikes.

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allez su bici
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flip and chop your bars
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