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Are there any DB sites like myanimelist/igdb/etc. for transportation?

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Favourite /n/ typefaces & signs

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We usually take our signs for granted. What are your favourites? I'm a big fan of the font "Toronto Subway"
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>make a bike thread with photos
>it's completely on topic
>constructive discussion ensues
>3 weeks later the janny nukes it despite it being near the bottom of the catalog
Just another day on /n/
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Pinching Cecilie's tires edition.
>>1852269 is the previous threadissimo

RJ THE BIKE GUY (mustache man) answers a lot of questions.
If you have questions be patient and try to provide pictures.
if you have answers try to be detailed and be nice.

We all want to squeece Cecilie's tires and other bike parts but LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS
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Who here has taken the SEA pill? Most efficient transportation in terms of cost/time is the motorbike. Here in Vietnam, you can buy a brand new ultra reliable Honda Wave for just over $1k USD. These get 80mpg in the city driving like a maniac and over 120 driving conservatively. You can park them almost anywhere and they're cheap to maintain. A broken mirror costs $2 and an oil change costs $.50 in labor and $4 in oil.
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Public transportation general

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Post what public transportation looks like in your country . This what ours looks like . Try to guess my country
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Steering Dampers

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Are they worth the investment? I've noticed lately on my bike that I have to use a bit more force & strength to stabilize my steering when crossing grand unions, and I'm worried I'll crater because I over-corrected my turn. What are your experiences with them?
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With the advent of the end of fossil fuels and industrial age how do you think transport will look like in the near future (next 50-100 years)?
>some data on energy
>some data on low tech, lots of transport related stuff
>post industrial urbanism
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1x drivetrains

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>limits your gearing range
>limits how close your gears can be
>wears out drivetrain components way quicker
>those fast wearing cassettes are also conveniently way more expensive
>many new frames don't even have front derailleur mounts anymore, forcing you into using 1x
And the best part? People will unironically justify this by saying that clicking a button on the left handlebar is a "hassle" and "too much to think about".
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Rigid 90s Mtb / Classic bike / Project bike thread

All welcome

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