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I will use this thread to dump all my cheesy drawings.
I am a bit motivated to draw again and I will take advantage of that but I don't want to take over the oc thread and fill it with my crappy oc stuff.
You can also post your stuff if you want.
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ITT: Draw Dana

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Kott Doodle Thread 12

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Use Oekaki, Keep replays on, Be kind
Takin requests as well i suppose

und doch : DDD
..(*......../ \........*)
..{.......(o o).......}
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Do you guys know about websites where you can RP with drawing?
Make up stories with drawings etc. ?
With the possibiliy of going NSFW ?
I hear places like these exist but I can't find them

Cult of the Lamb fanart!

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lets draw some cult of the lamb fanart to celebrate the release of the game tomorrow!
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George floyd art

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art of the greatest man

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draw a funny face
also just a general art dumping thread if you want
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>Egg Gallery General
Draw eggs, just eggs nothing more.
>Sunnyside up
>Humanoid ( or otherwise seemingly alive )
>Glow in the dark
No fish eggs, frog eggs or eggs that dont have the typical Chicken egg shape.
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broken rules #2

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and flawless inconsistency
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Time for me to browse /v/ for the next hour.