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Draw Splatoon!

Five More Years of Reibear!

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The old thread finally died after so long. What a shame.

With it being summer at the time this thread is being made (winter for those heathens in the Southern Hemisphere) I was thinking why not have some nice swimsuit or sporty Reibear?
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trying out oekaki for the first time. some parts of a drawing look bad, but it was fun anyway
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clussy drawthread

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draw clown and mime girls
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Draw Ashbie in your style
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We Need More Opm Fanart

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I used this drawing tool for the first time and I am a beginner artist, the end result was already to be expected... Anyway, this thread is for Opm fanart. So feel free to leave your own fanart here.
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Glegle thread

Glegle sticker pack for Telegram:
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Sportsball thread

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Welcome to the twice annual sportsball thread!

Draw your OC or a character you enjoy participating in any sport of your choosing, or if they're not that inclined to play maybe cheering for a sports team instead?

I'll also be taking some suggestions as well (maybe two or three.) It just depends on things as there is some important divegrass coming up soon.
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new face thread

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draw a face
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