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Post some cool robots. Or cute robots.
Mecha musume also welcome.
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draw mascots you like

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Christmas Thread

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It's almost time for Christmas, get into the Holiday cheer, anon!
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I drew a rabbit rabbit here before.
I've been away for a while and the picture disappeared before I knew it, so I'll draw a new one.
I have saved the picture you drew in the previous thread.
Thank you for the wonderful rabbi drawing.
May the cute rabbi bring happiness to everyone from Japan.
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Draw the collector

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draw visuol novel characters or somethig
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we draw scuffed anime girls
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Boardtan Art Thread #3

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For posting original art relating to anything Boardtan related, or any concept relating to them.

Here's the following Ruleset:
>If there are any Newcomers, greet them and welcome them with open arms.
>Don't impersonate others in the thread, even if they're anonymous.
>If you can't draw, that's ok. talk about your favorite Boardtans instead. (or any ocs made from 4Chan in general!
>Creating, drawing, and sharing your ideas and concepts would be fine! It helps a lot with this thread!
>Enjoy Yourselves!

Previous Thread - >>658951
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Neco Arc Thread

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Draw Neco Arc or draw other characters as Neco versions of themselves
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whatever things

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bad drawing. big creepy eyes.
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