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legend of zelda thread
draw those zeldas
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Continuing off of the last one.

The Green Thread 4

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hi oekaki it’s my birthday today so i made a new dump thread thank u
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OC Thread #38: Seagulls(?) at the Beach Edition

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Heyo, welcome to the Oekaki OC Thread -- the place where you're free to post art of, and all about your own Original Characters! Give us your best shots!

This thread's theme is: Summer! This season encapsulates a lot of activities; swimming, sports, sunshine, and the dread of cool jackets being too warm for fashion!

Finally, once again we'd like to share that there is an Official Discord specifically for this series of threads, run by the community, for the community. Come join in the fun!

And without further ado, let's get drawing Oekaki!
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Let's have fun drawing.
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Art dump thread V

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Posting some doodles I make as well as drawings related to my OCs made by other artists.

Requests are fine as long as they are 100% SFW, keep in mind I'm not an actual artist so don't expect quality on this thread.
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Let's do this! (he's a guy btw)
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I will use this thread to dump my art every once in a while
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General Art Dump

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For the people that don't want to make their own threads

Previous thread: >>666070
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draw cute girl now

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