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Official/On-model art

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I don't know why, but it is hotter when it's official, or tries to look as close as it can to it.
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Sexy brides please?
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Mechanical Armour

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Gorgeous girls with beautiful, reflective mechanical battle armor. Not necessarily androids.
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Tight and shiny

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Girls wearing skin tight and shiny clothes

Previous thread >>2572132
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Hottest thing you've seen in ecchi anime?

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Ikkitousen's first episode featured a scene (picrel) where the psychosexual Ryomou literally gets an orgasm from breaking a dude's arm. The anatomy in each of the shots, the sequencing of the grappling, the vocal performance of the seiyū fluctuating between hostile sadist and succumbing to her own ecstasy is just perfect. I don't know if I can link that first episode here without breaking the board's rules.

What's the hottest thing anyone here has seen in an ecchi anime?

(Yes, I will be posting a few extra images so this isn't just an /r/ thread. /r/ doesn't "get" ecchi which is why I'm posting here.).
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Post only the most delicious.
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Classy, high-end ecchi

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Post some art of anime girls in high-end, rich-people situations - hotels with great views, fast cars, artists' models, fashion shoots, resorts, classy and timeless stuff.

Challenge mode: no St. Louis
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Girls being completely naked outdoors
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Post girls with attractive necks.
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Mature women thread

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Last thread was great, let's get something new going.

MILFs, hot teachers, older sisters, ladies next door, Christmas cakes, New Years Noodles, office ladies, always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-brides, you name it, just so long as she's got an air of maturity about her

Keep the variety if you please and don't be a dick about what other people post
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