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Subaru (.hack)

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.hack//SIGN finished its original airing 20 years ago next week. Post some Subaru to celebrate
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The longer the better, ideally with thighhighs as well and little else.
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love live ecchi
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Navel Piercings #9

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old thread:
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What are your best /e/ concepts you want to see done?

Expanding on an anon's idea is acceptable as well!
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before cum shot close ups - face, ass, tits

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post pre cum shot poses at viewer angle.
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For those with a fetish for the crease at the back of the knee. Works best with long socks imo.
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Happy, content, or smiling girls 3

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Reiterating the first thread's theme: I Can Jerk Off My Dick But I Can't Jerk Off My Heart.

Regular boring cheesy grins can go elsewhere, try and keep this thread's content tugging at your heartstrings.
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one piece

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the best
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Reisalin Stout

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Pardon me while I post some Ryza. Other characters from the Atelier games are welcome, too.
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