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Garoru Damenade thread

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as the title says thread dedicated to the works of artist Garoru Damenade, appreciations, criticism.

remember sometimes he comes here to post his works but it's not a request thread, he posts what he wants
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Extremely subtle nudity

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The kind of image you need to view at full res or at least do a double take to notice.
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Saki: Tanoshii

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Lewds of characters from the Saki mahjong series.
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Girls you want a paizuri from

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Post women in anime and manga that you want to fuck the tits of
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Bonus points for chubby
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Small breasts with Large lower body

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Flatties with huge asses, thick thighs, or child bearing hips to compensate
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Freaky Big Boobs 35

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Giant boobies
Last thread >>2701933
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Post pokegirls.
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Skinny Dipping

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Forget swimsuits and bikinis. Enjoy the water completely nude.
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Bonus points for panties

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