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Lewd gacha/game art

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Seeing how the last thread is now dead, I figured I'd remake it since it was a lot of fun.
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Miku and other vocaloids

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Bodypaint thread

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Anime girls sporting bodypaint, bonus points if in public
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Confident Nudity

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Girls being more than okay with the situation they're in. Not just casual nudity.

Exhibitionism / Cockiness / Bedroom Eyes
are all welcome

Time for some healthy confidence
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Leave it to the imagination

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Naked girls, but not showing their parts.
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Azur Lane Thread

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Hime cut thread

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The hime cut is the absolutely best hairstyle. I've looked through the archives of 4chan for good hime cut threads and what I found was pitiful.
So I'll do it myself.
There will also be images featuring hairstyles very similar to the hime cut because, while not perfect, they are still great.
All of these images should be sourceable through the usual sites, so use those before asking for source.
I'm making 3 threads too. On /a/, /e/ and /h/. Each for the appropriate content. Expect about 150+ images for each thread.
Feel free to post images yourself and enjoy the hime cuts fellow men of culture.
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Extremely detailed thigh-highs

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Post some girls with extremely detailed thigh highs - lacy tops and the like

Garters are a plus

Matching lingerie is an even bigger plus
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Fire Emblem Thread

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Post Fire Emblem girls
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Bottomless/Nopan Thread

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Girls who are clothed up top, but naked below.
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