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tsutsu kun, i have to take a shower today
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Swag is for boys.
Class is for men.

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I prefer little girls
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I am the fiercest knight of the occident.

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is this real
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Imagine the sweet smell, the feeling of warmth in your chest and the butterflies in your tummy.
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$116k found at traffic stop in Texas

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Upon investigation, the cash was discovered in three separate backpacks per officials. Officers said the cash was bound by rubber bands in $2,000 bundles, which is consistent with criminal activity. Deputies also reported discovering a money counting machine.

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brown girl thread

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you know what to post
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24 hours.

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I can't take this anymore. I wish I never ask her out. I would have just had a normal day thinking about which escort to fuck. A 0 feels and many keks day.

My escort gf is leaving in 24 hours and I'm starting to fall into deep depression.

I went full retard anon. Never go full retard.