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Yeah, I'm thinking this is kind of epic based pilled, maybe a bit of a coom moment? Idk think I might post a frog

Anons, I'm getting nervous.

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In a few hours I will be on a date with an the escort I regularly visit which I asked out.

It's been so long since I've been on a date. I dont even know what to say.
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Don't have anything to say, just posting a frog because it makes troonhou trannies dilate

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built for BIG BLACK COCK
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I only follow the parts of the bible that I agree with and ignore the parts of the bible that I disagree with.
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Being a conservative in Europe is like being the only spectator in a clown circus. Remember: We are the sane ones.
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if they hate gays, trans, and black people so much why dont these cuckold tiny white pecker losers leave america or europe and go somewhere else instead of larping on 4chan all day like they're nazis?
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