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How can one browse bant without Spain filtered
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stop lewding /our/ girl, she's pure fairy she only cares about freezing frogs
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I don't understand why women don't like it when i go get my laptop and hdmi cable when we want to watch a movie.

I'm not paying for disney+ or netflix go fuck yourself
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Why are there so many boring incels who are like "drinking is degenerate, clubs are degenerate, pubs are degenerate". So long as you exercise regularly, and eat healthy most days, what is the problem in indulging in some of life's vices occasionally? Imagine just sitting in your room all day, criticising people for having fun and socialising.
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Might as well
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Cock and balls
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Come here anon!
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Is Potestas the ultimate (((them))) move

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Do you use Potestas?
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oops a tranime thread died lmao