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brown girl thread

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you know what to post
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24 hours.

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I can't take this anymore. I wish I never ask her out. I would have just had a normal day thinking about which escort to fuck. A 0 feels and many keks day.

My escort gf is leaving in 24 hours and I'm starting to fall into deep depression.

I went full retard anon. Never go full retard.

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theres a birdie flying in the sky
he'd like to come and meet us
but he thinks he'd blow our minds

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Death to the enemies of Europe
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What needs to be done in order to prevent the atrophy of Japanese animation, /bant/ - Random Anime Transport Torrents?
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i can kill any woman with one strike
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please post images you almost never get to use for the fun of it.
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God damn it, now i have to read Tokarczuk to compare her to Lem. I'm not very optimistic about that one.
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Iem filled
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Let's keep /bant/ an LGBT-free zone.
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