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itt: we pretend to be dumb /bant/oids and post fagtarded blogshit nobody cares about

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I want a goth girl to stomp on my testicles while wearing doc martens

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How did lockdown affect you

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I went completely insane and found an online gf from the US, we swore we'd meet up and become a real couple despite living on opposite sides of the Atlantic and we held on to this even as lockdowns ended so I had to hide her from my irl friends which became harder and harder. She was incredibly hot and I'd kill to have her be my real gf. We both got into real relationships and still talk from time to time but it's insane to me that for 2 years I had someone that I spoke to daily and would drive out into the middle of no where to voice call because I didn't want my family to hear me talking to her. Now I've got a normal gf and I've completely left behind that period of my life but I still want to know if it would've worked long term.


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where is he going
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tsutsu kun, i have to take a shower today
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Swag is for boys.
Class is for men.

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I prefer little girls
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