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operas are literally 19th century musicals
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Hey, let's talk

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If you were to make a video game what would it be about?

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Is it hard to learn how use Gimp?

T. Dumbfug


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Buy a thinkpad x230 and install heads. Write protect the flash chip. Put nail polish on the screws and take high resolution pictures to ensure signs of tampering. Do NOT use a HDD or SSD. They have DMA so a malicious firmware could do a lot of damage, use of USB is preferred since they do not have DMA. Completely remove the microphone, sound card, webcam and the WWAN card from the laptop. Remove the fan to prevent binary acoustic data transmission. Replace the default wifi card with a supported atheros card. Disable wifi when not in use, preferably by physically removing the card. Make your own independent Linux distro from scratch. Most Linux distros value convenience over security and will thus never have good security. Your only option is to make your own. Use musl instead of glibc, Libressl instead of openssl, sinit instead of systemd, oksh instead of bash, toybox instead of gnu coreutils to reduce attack surface. Enable as little kernel modules as possible. Use a hardened memory allocator. Apply strong SELinux and sandboxing policies. Restrict the root account heavily to make sure it never gets compromised. Disable JavaScript and CSS in your browser. Block all FAGMAN domains in your hosts file. Monitor all network requests. Do not use a phone. Never speak near anyone who owns a phone, they are always listening. Never use any non-corebooted technology made after 2006. Never leave your devices unattended. Tape triple layer aluminum foil all around your room as tempest shielding. Type really quietly as defense against audio keylogging. Use ecc ram to minimize rowhammer and rambleed. Encrypt everything multiple times with various different encryption implementations. Compile everything from source. Use hardened compilation flags. Always read through the source before installing something if possible. Only use the internet when absolutely necessary.

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hey bnät, hows it going?
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Eternal punishment awaits the sodomites.

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I'm split between getting the new R5 7600X and waiting for Intel's 13th gen but the i5-K will probably be on pair with 7600X or even higher.
i5-12400F is still an option but it feels meh to not go for the latest gen if you want to upgrade now while going for DDR5 5600-6000 with CL36
Power usage is not an issue with 100-140W turbo from the socket but AMD's approach with their Tjmax is worrying. I think the NH-D15 can handle it without throttling but still...
What a crazy era we live in
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How would you change your country for the better?

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How would you change your country for the better?
>United States
>Take monies from welfare and significantly fund trades, technical school, university and then obamacare subsidies
>fund automation significantly in manufacturing and in general until a manufacturing base is built up again and significant progress can be made economically regardless of population size
>fund a bullet train to every major city and a bus system in every major city

Thoughts? What are your opinions on this?
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