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tsutsu kun, i had a very weird dream. at the beginning of the dream my brain thought "at this point i can just scream" or something and then i started scream laughing the whole dream over. my brain probably took inspiration from ff10
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Does Jesus predict the arrival of another holy person like himself?

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That's what we need.

We need to look at the scriptures and the sayings of Jesus, this is the way to fix everything again the Christian faith or even be another faith but not discarding anything. Thus saving the white race and the West as a whole.

Jesus predicts another person when he speaks of the "Son of Man" but in some verses like Mark 8 it is more explicit because it is in the third person, it is another person who comes to fix everything and save the world in these contexts in the third person about the "Son of men".

What do you think about making a political plot in these biblical passages?

This "Son of Man" is the promise Jesus gave to save the West and the white race.

So why not have this interpretation or sect?

success is in what you differentiate within an already prevailing and existing culture or religion and not adopting a completely new culture as some want with Nordic paganism and Islam, we have to derive that within our main culture which is Christian, we can take these sayings of Jesus about "Son of Man" and I think it's a message for us.
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kpop general #2873

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i got thoughts on - time travel
time traveling to the far future becomes way more scary than going back when you think about the possibilities of language warping and such
things are obviously not going to work the same that far ahead, and you could just sound like gibberish to them when trying to speak to anybody so that you would need to learn a whole new language if you were to travel to the future, making it very impractical
imagine if a guy from the sixth century or something, somehow being brought over to our timeline and trying to communicate with anybody
oh yea you couldnt even tell anybody that youre a time traveler or anything and just get stuck in prison and then executed because you dont know how to speak
or even find out that saying something like "hello" has come to be accepted as an invitation to brawl to the death on the spot, and so you just get killed
and yeah you would get executed for not being able to speak in the far future
think about it, wouldnt they have the technology to prevent defects and mental afflictions at birth, keep the gene pool the way they want to, and practically wipe out the existence of people who are so dysfunctional and autistic that they cant speak and instead mutter gibberish and do weird shit like they arrived from 5 centuries before? dont forget that youre a grown up adult doing this in front of them btw, oh and also that youre dressed like a retard to their eyes probably
or hell maybe itll be really weird to them that you dont have cybernetic attachments like they do and try to kill you or something simply because of that, kind of changes depending on if you traveled into a dystopia or utopia, but, imagine if your time travel landing zone happened to be a territory controlled by super rich and augmented people, who killed you on sight because they figured that youre a poor little shit trying to trespass and steal them or something, simple unluckiness like that could kill you the moment you traveled into the future
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i have diarrhea from drinking too much

New 'toss just dropped

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It's up.

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I support trans rights
I don't support muslim rights

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i never did parallel parking again after getting my driver's license
that was 4 years ago and i just forgot how to do it now
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oh hello there bnat, how is your wednesday going?
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