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Hey, let's talk

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what is your favorite faction, /bant/? my is dungeon :)
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i dont understand why theres a state and then a country named georgia
like thats not confusing at all
and literally nobody has a problem with it either for some reason
imagine if i declared a new country and it was just named new jersey and everybody from the country would have to say that theyre from new jersey
and everytime somebody talked about new jersey you would have to say oh which new jersey
i dont get it did one of them run out of cool things to name their country/state or something why did they have to pick the same exact thing
and georgia the country couldnt be more far apart from georgia the state they literally dont even use the latin alphabet over there i think
so now its weird because every time someone from georgia the country comes around i have this thinking as if im talking to an american person even if its not even close
its not because i dont realize that theyre not actually american, its just having that them having that name alone makes me piece the two together
its like if your best friend had the same name as your 56th best friend or something so the only thing you can think about your 56th best friend is that they have the same name as your best friend
so anybody from georgia the country is basically just somebody from georgia the state and it shouldnt be like that i guess
literally just stealing away the identity of an entire country lol
if you think about it yea have you ever seen somebody talk about georgia the country
or have any stereotype in your mind about somebody from there
no because nobody fucking cares
theyre the people that have the same name as that one place in the US and thats it
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Hummingbirds are pleasant birds. That is why we have a small symbol painted on the front of the house. I see many flutter and dance together.

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the purest smile

is nayeon really considered /bant/ culture?

Asking for a friend

the spool of thread I got is too thick

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how am I to thread jewish symbolicism into fabric
I spent a lot of my leftover money
pay isn't due for another week
I spent the rest of the money on grana padano and a vanilla ice cream
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I feel dead inside, i don't have any desire left
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Cyberpunk won
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the ice fairy known as cirno
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