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anzu is mentally retarded so they need to keep a helmet on her head at all times lest she wack her skull on a coffee table

I long for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

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And it's reunification with Taiwan island. Glory to the People's Republic of China!
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I hope some stupid fucking Rebbit janny gets triggered by this report.

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tsutsu kun I want a maid outfit

25 pinned threads--

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I'm going to go ahead and answer a lot of other threads here.

>Have you forgiven them?
not yet

>futa friday
I think her braids are cute

>you have no fear of the underdog that's why you will not survive
Never underestimate your opponent.

>we're all gonna make it
it's a nice thought, but I know at least one person who won't

>lynch black people
If they had just rushed Marshawn on 3rd down, they'd be Super Bowl champions now.

>Do NOT look at the /vm/ catalot
Now I have to look. Damn you.

>Am banned from /pol/
Maybe if they renamed it /lol/ it would attract a more friendly atmosphere.

>It's getting harder and harder to get this frog as the first result I get in google images, I have to dig further and further
There needs to be a Froggle, which is a meme search engine. Donut Steele.
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Why don't women wear pretty dresses anymore?
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How to make wife lose weight

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I got married recently to my overweight gf, that promised to lose weight once we got married.
However, instead she started to gain weight.
How to make her lose weight and motivate her to do it herself?
I tried talking to her to lose weight but she would either cry and ask why would I marry her if I didn't like her body, or just eat junk food.
I can't even aroused by her, we didn't have sex for the last two months and blame me for not getting it up.